About Christmas

The traditional festival is all about family gatherings, Christmas house decoration, a break from work, and relishing yummy cuisines. And yes, how can we forget the kids eagerly waiting for Santa Claus to leave their gifts hanging in their stockings. The birth of Jesus Christ was considered good news that caused great joy among people. Therefore, people express their happiness through the Christmas celebration. On the birth of Jesus Christ, the angel said, "A saviour has been born to you; he is the Messiah, the Lord." Therefore, Christmas is celebrated to cherish the presence of the saviour who saves people from sin and death.

Apart from commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ, Christmas is considered the festival of offering love and Christmas gifts to all the friends, family members, and people in need. It is the season of giving without expecting anything in return. The houses are decorated with lights to cherish the arrival of the light of the world in the form of Jesus Christ. Through carols, joy and happiness are expressed. So the real reason behind the celebration of Christmas is to worship God and express gratitude for the gift we have received from him. Many people like to put Christmas Wreath on doors as a representation of eternal life and faith.

The festival brings with it beautiful lights and delicious seasonal dishes. One of the very popular beverages at Christmas is eggnog. Eggnog is a drink made with milk and eggs and is very much enjoyed by people celebrating Christmas. During the festival, people like to dress up their houses and themselves in the Christmas theme, which is red, green, and white. The colours are very easily found in most decorations and even food items. People make use of all Christmas-themed items, including plants. The use Poinsettia plant for Christmas is also possible due to its bright red leaves and lush green stems.