5 Unique Gift Wrapping Ideas Without Box

While gift-giving is the heart, gift wrapping is the soul of the process. The process of gift-wrapping is appreciated just as much as the gift. However, there are instances when we buy odd-shaped presents that don’t fit the traditional square/rectangular-shaped box. So, what to do about that? In this write-up, we share some unique gift wrapping ideas that you can implement if your gift comes without a box. They are fun, easy and lovely to look at. There are chances the recipient might take a good amount of time opening their presents, rather than just ripping it open.


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Give your gift a fancy makeover with a burlap sack and twine. The gift looks chic and can also be adorned with trinkets. This way its aesthetic value gets multifold. You can choose either – wrap your gift in a colour-coordinated wrapping paper with a thin strip of burlap or use it as a gift bag or pouch. We guarantee both of the ideas will be a sure bet.

Gift Bag

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The quickest and easiest solution for wrapping your un-boxed gift, regardless of any shape or size, could be a gift bag. All you need is a gift bag and that’s it! You can customise it the way you like with any kind of decorations or embellishments (ribbon bow, flairs, gift tag, etc.). Now you are all set to gift something that is a pleasure to the eyes. 

Upcycled Newspaper, Clothes and Maps

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Do not throw away your pile of newspapers, maps or clothes. Instead, utilise them as a unique gift wrap. Just iron on low heat before you use them just to smoothen out the wrinkles. You can even paint these gift wraps and decorate them with embellishments. Your gift will look straight out of a storybook!

Reuse an Old Box

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There is always a space in everyone’s home that is piled up with those bunch of empty boxes from online shopping. Put one to use to wrap your gift! This way you will not only be able to present your gift nicely but also contribute to recycling. All you need is a box big enough to fit your gift item, wrapping paper and tape. Cover any obvious logo/name/picture on the box and have fun decorating it according to your will.

Put a Bow to it

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The ultimate way to wrap a gift without much hue and cry is to put a bow to it. It is just perfect to cover anything that’s too large or odd-shaped and making them shine. Just get a bow (any shape, size or colour) and a tape. Place the bow on the right side up and secure it with tape.

Gifts do come in all shapes and sizes. If you are unable to put the traditional wrapping techniques to use, get creative with these unique gift wrapping ideas and make your gift-giving a wonderful experience. All of the listed gift wrapping ideas are fairly simple yet look professional and Pinterest-worthy.

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