7 Awesome Balloon Decoration Ideas For Birthday Parties

Birthday celebrations bring joy in the life of the celebrating person and their loved ones. The decoration is a major aspect of birthday parties that enhance their fun and excitement. The colorful and glittering balloons are the inseparable part of birthday decorations that go with every party theme.

Be it your little one’s first birthday celebrations or your grand mom’s 70th birth anniversary, balloons are an ideal décor choice for these occasions. They are amazing party highlighters that can brighten up any birthday party instantly. Read on to find out some amazing balloon decoration ideas for birthday parties.

Balloons Chandelier

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Balloons chandelier is a great way to add a pop of color and glam to any birthday party that would leave the guests dazzled. You can secure the cluster of balloons to the fan blades or attach a string of balloons to the ceiling over the dining table so that they hover over your head while you enjoy a sumptuous meal with your loved ones.

Create Garland of Balloons

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It is the easiest and widely used balloon decoration idea for birthday parties. Take a thread and string along with the inflated colored balloons from one end to another. The garland created using balloons can be tied across a room or birthday party venue to create a lasting impression on guests.

Balloons Filled with Treats

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This idea is perfect for kid’s birthday parties. Take a big sized balloon and fill it with yummy treats such as candies and chocolates. Once you have put in the treats, inflate the balloon and put it on the top of the table where birthday cake will be cut. Once your kid cut the birthday cake, you can burst the balloon and the candies will fall out. All your little guests would enjoy this fun-filled activity and love to collect the candies.

Balloons Tied To Return Gifts

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Quite easy and simple. All you need to do is tie balloons to bags filled with return gifts for party guests. It will add to the birthday party décor and guests would love to take home colorful balloons as a memory of the joyous celebration.

Glow-in-the-Dark Balloons

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Are you bored with usual balloon decoration ideas and looking for something unique? Then glow-in-the-dark balloons are everything you need to bring a shiny effect to the birthday party. You can take glow sticks and insert in the balloons or take LED balloons and attach to the ceiling of the room upside down. It will give the illusion of a sparkling canopy.

Decorate with DIY Emoji Balloons

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Firstly, you need to inflate the balloons and tie them with a string. Draw the smiley faces on a chart paper, cut them with the help of scissors and stick them in the center of the balloon. You can also buy emoji face balloons from the market, inflate them and arrange in a cluster and put on display. They will make an attractive décor item for birthday parties.

Make Flower Balloons

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If you want to add a fresh touch to balloon birthday decoration, then try infusing floral prints in it. Take transparent color balloons, inflate them and tie with a pretty string. Flatten the cupcake liners and stick to the balloons with the help of double-sided tape. Add a little white or colored flower sticker in the middle of the cupcake wrapper. Repeat with as many flowers as you need to cover the balloons. Arrange the floral print balloons in a cluster and stick them on the wall. It will help create a cheerful environment and make a perfect backdrop for birthday pictures.

We really hope these balloon décor ideas help create fun and awesome birthday party themes.

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