Last Minute Birthday Party Planning Ideas

Birthdays are so much fun. The cake, delicious food, party, balloon decorations and the company of loved ones make them all the more thrilling. And that’s the reason people hate to skip birthday parties.

But what if you wanted to host a birthday party for your mom, best friend or wife and remember it at the last moment? Panicking won’t help! So take a deep breath and relax! We are here to give you some amazing and reliable last-minute birthday party planning ideas that you are going to love us for.

Send Invites via Whatsapp Group

Create a Whatsapp group and add all the people you are looking forward to invite for the birthday party. Create a one-line invite and send it to everyone in one go. Imagine the time it will save that you would have spent otherwise in calling every single person to invite to the party.

Organize the Party At Home

With very less time in your hand, you lose on the opportunity to make reservations and book tables. So the great option is to organize the party at home. A spacious room in the house, decorated beautifully will turn into a fantastic party venue.

Pinterest for Décor Ideas

Next comes the decoration. Of course, the birthday decoration is necessary to add some colorful vibes to the birthday party. Pinterest will come to your rescue with some quick and amazing birthday party décor ideas.

Call In the Catering

When planning the birthday party last minute, to call in the catering guys is a wise step. Because anyway you will hardly get time to cook chicken and make mimosas for your guests amidst all the last-minute planning.

Don’t Think Of Baking a Cake At Home

We understand to bake a birthday cake for your loved ones is less of a task and more an emotional gesture. But if it’s last minute birthday party planning, it is best to order a special birthday cake instead of baking one at home. All you need to know – their favorite flavor and the best bakery in the town.

Organize a Game Night

What’s a birthday party without some fun activities? Dum charades, truth or dare, musical chairs, and Pictionary are some fun games that do not need much planning and are great to keep people engaged.

Get Ready With Your Party Playlist

Music is the life of every party. So you better get ready with feet tapping numbers on your playlist to get everyone grooving. You can also take help of Google to search for top 10 party songs and play them back to back for a fun night.

Choose an Easy Theme

With last-minute party invites, no one actually has enough time for preparations. Choose an easy theme like Hollywood, Disney, or superheroes, so that your guests do not have to spend the entire day finding the right outfit.

Go For Easy Gifts

Last but not least, BIRTHDAY GIFTS!! Since time is less that rule out the idea of spending an entire day to find an exclusive present. Flowers & a greeting card is simpler to order online with same-day delivery or you can go for something useful that the birthday boy or girl wanted for a long time. Don’t forget to tag along a cute little note to make the birthday gifts extra special!

With these amazing birthday gifts, the last-minute birthday party planning would definitely be hassle-free and full of fun.

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