7 Birthday Celebration Ideas during Quarantine

Do you have a friend or loved one’s birthday coming up? Are you struggling for ideas to celebrate a birthday during the self-isolation period? With a little creativity and help of digital ways, you can celebrate this big milestone and make it memorable. Let the quarantine phase won’t stop you from celebrating and making the birthday of your loved ones special in the following ways.

    • Wish on Video Call

Not a text, email or Facebook message. Extend birthday wishes to your loved ones on a video call. During the period of quarantine, when social distancing is a must, wishing a Happy Birthday on a video call is a creative idea. It would mean a lot to your friends and family.

    • Send Digital Gifts

During quarantine, it has become difficult to send gifts to your loved ones. Hence, digital gifts are a great idea, which is both hands-free and safe. You can order digital gifts like gift cards, e-books, and iTunes gift cards and send them to your loved ones through email. Also, you can give the gift of happy anniversary romantic tunes, Happy Birthday melodies, I Love You romantic tunes, musical thank you to your loved ones on their special days. Once you avail these digital services, the guitarist arranges for a video call with the recipient and plays their favourite songs. These excellent birthday gift ideas are sure to touch the hearts of your loved ones without actually touching them.

    • DIY Gifts

You can create lovely birthday gifts for your dear ones without stepping out of the house or ordering online. Yes, we are talking about DIY gifts. Take inspiration from videos available online and create something with the craft items easily available at home. The DIY gifts crafted with love and passion are sure to make your loved one’s birthday special and leave an everlasting impression.

    • Bake a cake

Of course, it’s not safe to order a cake during this sensitive time. Just relax and bake a birthday cake at home. It would be fun to bake with your mom and siblings at home. While trying your hands at baking, you might learn some new tricks as well.

    • Birthday Movie with Personalized Messages

If it is your friend’s birthday, you can ask your entire gang to send short birthday message videos. They could either record a birthday song or say something funny about the birthday person. You can compile all the short videos into a movie. So that your friend can enjoy the birthday wishes sitting at home.

    • Virtual House Party

You may not be able to attend a birthday party due to social distancing. But that doesn’t mean you can’t party at all. You can have your virtual house party online where you can invite all your friends and relatives. It will give you the feeling of going out and having a great time with your mates.

    • Movie Night

This birthday, have a virtual movie night with your friends. Tell your friends to get in their pajamas and grab some snacks and cold drinks. Tune in to your favourite movie at Netflix from different places at the same time. With the Netflix party, you can also synchronize your movie play and chat with your friends while you’re watching.

Mark this birthday a memorable one with these awesome celebration ideas.

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