How to Manage your Relationship in Lockdown

relationship management tips in lockdown

Being under the lockdown during the COVID-19 crisis is challenging at different levels. The social distancing comes at the cost of high stress level and emotional imbalance among people.
As the stress builds up, it is breaking people from inside and taking a toll on their relationships. It seems corona is not the only virus that we have to fight out during the lockdown. We also have to respond positively to the fear, disagreements, and anxiety this virus creates and attempt to stay virus-free.

Here are some best practices to steer your relationship in the time of lockdown.

    • Recognise your feelings

Try and recognise feelings that are bothering you or driving you away from your partner during the isolation period. Communication is the key to maintain healthy relationships. Being compassionate towards a worried partner can help make the situation better.

    • Do things that make you happy

Stuck inside with your spouse for indefinite time can allow depression and anxiety to creep in. It is essential to take care of your mental health. Do things that bring you joy- be it a hobby or long-lost passion. Feeling happy from inside also help you maintain a peaceful relationship with your partner.

    • Give each other space

Even if you enjoy your partner’s company a lot, you need to take some time apart. Yes, that doesn’t change for lockdown as well. Make a private space for yourself at home. Do things that don’t require your partner’s presence. Talk to friends and relatives on video calls. It will help you stay focused and sane during the crazy time of lockdown.

    • Handle mood swings positively

It is obvious to have frequent mood swings during this tough situation. Whenever you start to feel a bit cranky, sit down and think for a moment if all this anger or anxiety is worth your peace nd energy. You’ll find the answer within yourselves. Suddenly the turmoil inside you will turn into positivity.

    • Acknowledge your differences

Talk about the differences that you feel are building between you and your spouse. Be a good listener and hear your partner’s viewpoint. It’s not necessary to agree with the way they think and behave in this situation. Making them feel heard and understood will help calm their nerves and create harmony in your relationship.

    • Enjoy each other’s hobby

Do things together that you’ve never tried before. Share your partner’s hobby- be it cooking, painting, baking, or dancing. Use this time to explore each other’s personality in a better manner and find possibilities to strengthen your relationship.

    • Be Kind to each other

Kindness costs nothing but means everything. The situation of lockdown has created a feeling of uncertainty among people, which leads to depression and anxiety. If your partner is facing difficulty in dealing with this dark phase, then your little acts of kindness can go a long way in calming their nerves. A gentle reminder every day that things will get better soon will help them cope with the situation in a better way.

It is a trying time for everyone, which can be made easier with a loving and understanding partner at your side.

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