7 Super Easy Easter Egg Decoration Ideas at Home

Egg painting and egg hunting are integral parts of Easter celebration. These fun-filled activities add more colors to the occasion and give you an opportunity to do something creative along with your friends and family members.

Gone are the days when people used to rely on traditional dye methods to decorate Easter eggs. We bring to you easy and amazing Easter egg decoration ideas that will add a creative twist to your Easter celebration and make a perfect display for your guests.

Floral Eggs

For this, firstly you need to paint all the plastic or hard-boiled eggs black with acrylic paint. Once they dry, draw flower shapes on eggs with pencils and paint them in solid colors. Afterward, add details with vibrant colors with the help of paintbrush strokes. You can also use varnish over them to give a glossy look to the eggs.

Sprinkled Eggs

Pour some sprinkles in a medium-size bowl. With the help of paintbrush, cover your egg in an even layer of the glue. Dip your egg in the bowl of sprinkles and press down firmly to cover the entire egg with sprinkles. Let the egg dry in the bowl and once the sprinkles are mostly set, carefully lift the egg out. Voila, your sprinkled eggs are ready!

Metallic Eggs

Take plastic eggs and give them a nice coat of copper and gold color spray paint and let them dry. You may need to give them 3-4 coats for a nice even coverage. Once the eggs are fully dry, draw different designs on eggs using a chalk marker. The designs can be anything like horizontal stripes, vertical lines, polka dots, stars, or moon. Try to make different patterns on each egg.

Calligraphy Eggs

If you are a fan of writing in cursive, then it’s the right time to put your art and passion to some good use. Take a permanent marker and write ‘Happy Easter’ & ‘Happy Spring’ on real boiled or paper mache eggs in cursive handwriting. Once you are done, let the ink dry on eggs for 10-15 minutes and your calligraphed eggs are ready.

Emoji Eggs

Emojis are the best ways to express your emotions in this technically-advanced world. So why not decorate them on your Easter eggs as well. Ranging from smiling to winking and teasing to kissing, there are plenty of emojis that you can draw on your chocolate Easter eggs. Paint all the plastic or real eggs yellow and let them dry completely. With the help of a black marker, start drawing or painting the face of your favourite emoji on eggs. You can also add a little bit of pink, red, and blue colours to the emoji designs with craft paints to make them look more attractive.

Twine Wrapped Eggs

Pick a plastic egg and craft twine in a similar color. Glue the end of the twine to one end of the egg and let it dry. Now, apply mod podge on the entire egg and begin wrapping the twine. Once you reach midway down the egg, cut the twine and begin again from the other end. Once the entire egg is covered with twine, trim it off and snug it down. Repeat the process with other eggs and you’ll be ready with a basket full of cute twin wrapped Easter eggs.

Washi Tape Eggs

For this project, you need plastic or hard-boiled eggs, pastel color washi tapes, and scissors. Now the washi tape can be wrapped around eggs in a number of ways. You can place the washi tape strips from top to bottom of the egg, around the middle of the egg, or diagonally across the egg.  Take plastic eggs and wrap washi tape around them as the base for decoration purpose. If you want, you can also add some color with markers and dyes to give eggs a more pleasant look.

Above mentioned amazing and yummy Easter eggs are always some of the best Easter gifts options to surprise your near and dear ones on this ocassion.  Have fun decorating your Easter eggs!!

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