7 Ultimate Gift-Giving Etiquettes

The manner of giving is worth more than a gift.
– Pierre Corneille

Receiving gifts is quite fun. They make celebrations more joyous, which we all look forward to. But nothing can ever beat the joy of giving gifts to loved ones that put a cheerful smile on their face. The joy it brings to your heart is unmatchable.

Sometimes just giving a gift is not enough. There are certain gestures you need to show to make gifting a wonderful experience for the recipient. Here, we’ll talk about some proper gift giving etiquettes to make the entire process easier and also let you know why they are important.

1. Is Gift Exchange Necessary?

When someone gives you a gift on your special occasions, such as a birthday party, wedding or anniversary celebration, it is not necessary that you need to give one in return. Just a heartfelt thank you note would be enough to show your appreciation.

2. Should Gift Exchange Be Of Equal Value?

This thought comes in our mind a lot of time. That if someone gifts us something expensive, are we supposed to do the same in return? You shouldn’t feel compelled to give a gift equal in value to a gift received. It is the thought behind the gift that counts rather than its monetary value. When giving gifts, just spend as much as you can afford or try to spend the amount that you are comfortable with.

3. What Are The Group Gift-Giving Etiquettes?

When buying gifts for co-workers, make sure you give them similar gifts that everyone can enjoy. Again, it also depends upon your relationship with colleagues. You can only give a gift to a colleague that you are really close to without feeling guilty for not gifting the rest of the teammates. In this condition, it is better to exchange gifts in private rather than in front of everyone.

4. Never Arrive Empty-handed To Dinner or Holiday Parties

If your friend or relative has invited you to a dinner party or a holiday party, then it is best to show up with a gift as a token of gratitude for the host. They have made efforts and invited you to be a part of their important celebration and that should be acknowledged for sure. The gift need not be big or expensive, just a little something like flowers, chocolates, or scented candles is enough that serve as a token of appreciation.

5. Consider the Choice of the Recipient

When buying a gift, it is important to think about whether it matches the personality of the recipient. Or will it be useful to them or not? Keeping these important things in mind will help you choose the perfect gift for friends, family, and loved ones.

6. Is It Okay To Give Cash Or DIY Gifts?

Well, giving gift cards is a more subtle way to offer someone a gift with monetary benefits. A handmade DIY gift adorned with a personal touch is one of the most thoughtful gifts that you can offer someone, which will show you put extra efforts to choose something unique for them.

7. What to Do When Invitation Specifically Says Not To Bring a Gift?

The host may say things like gifts are not allowed or please don’t bring a gift. But you should always bring a gift to someone’s home. The host won’t refuse your gift and always admire it as a lovely gesture from your end. Don’t buy a huge gift but anything small like a bouquet of flowers, candles, or baked goods would make a nice offering.

The etiquettes mentioned above will make gifting quite a stress-free and fun process for you.

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