7 Easy & Fun Mother’s Day Craft Ideas For Kids

With Mother’s Day around the corner, kids everywhere must be in search of fancy gift ideas to show how much they love their moms. But what about those teeny-tiny ones who cannot buy Mother’s Day gifts on their own.

We bring her super easy and fun Mother’s Day craft ideas that kids can create for their moms with the help of their dad’s or elder siblings. Moms would love to treasure these precious gifts forever.

Framed Pressed Flowers

Flatten real flowers in a glass frame would make an adorable Mother’s Day gift. You can ask your kids to pick flowers or weeds from the garden and let them flatten them on a piece of glass frame. The frame can be hung near a window where the sunlight shines through it and create a pleasant visual for eyes.

Colored Heart Wreath

It is quite easy to create a colored heart wreath using papers. All you need is colored cardstock, ribbon, paper cutter, and mini stapler. Teach your kids to make hearts using the cardstock paper and then shut them using a mini stapler. Tell them to line the hearts in a circle and start stapling them to each other. Now tell them to staple a piece of ribbon on two hearts across each other and the cutest colored heart wreath is ready for kids to gift their mom.

Paper Scrap Greeting Card

To make this one, you can use old pieces of scrapbook paper and wrapping paper. Let your kids make flowers of different shapes and sizes using those papers and stick the cut-out shapes of flowers on a paper card. The handmade Mother’s Day card will look absolutely beautiful that kids can hand over to their mom with a big smile on face.

Cute Earring Holder

A cute earring holder is easy to make with recycled ice cream sticks. Teach kids to paint the ice cream sticks with different colors that will make the stand look more attractive. Use sticks of different colors one by one and arrange them in the shape of a small tower. With the help of strong glue, you can stick them firmly and let it dry for several hours before actually hanging earrings on them.

Decoupage Terra Cotta Pots

A perfect Mother’s Day gift to add bright spring colors to home. You need terra cotta pots, decorative napkins, mod podge, paint brush, and paint to make decoupage terra cotta pots. Firstly, ask kids to paint the pots using white acrylic paint and let them dry completely. Let kids draw flower shapes on napkins, mod podge them and slowly press them in the pot. Now, seal the whole pot with a coat of mod podge and the gorgeous pots are ready to offer mom on Mother’s Day. Kids would totally love to play with colors and make something lovely that their moms would absolutely love.

Hand Print Apron

Every mom needs an apron while cooking a storm in the kitchen. A cute apron hand-printed by kids would make an ideal Mother’s Day gift. Take a white canvas apron, draw grass at its bottom using fabric paint with the help of paintbrush. Use the permanent marker to draw the grass line, stems, and leaves on the apron. Now paint your children’s hands with fabric paint and let them press their hands onto the apron to print the flowers. Wait for the paint to dry completely. Mom would absolutely love to wear that apron while cooking breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day.

Scrabble Picture Frame

A scrabble picture frame by her kids would give any mom memories galore to cherish forever. Take a wooden frame and let your kids paint it using multiple colors. Wait for it to dry completely. Use letter tiles to create the word ‘Mom’, ‘Mum’ or ‘Mother’ and let your kids glue them onto the frame on one side. On the other side, you can wrap twine or glue buttons to make the frame look cuter. Let you kid offer it to his/her mom with a long-stemmed rose on Mother’s Day. She would be highly touched with this heartwarming gift and love to hang it on her bedroom wall.

We hope these craft ideas help your kid create a wonderful Mother’s Day gift. If you have other amazing ideas, then do share with us.

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