7 Unique Ideas To Propose On Valentine’s Day

The cupid has hit you with his arrow and you are hopelessly in love with this charming, witty, and elegant woman of your dreams. As Valentine’s Day gets closer, you must be thinking of ways to be able to ask her out.

Feeling nervous in such circumstances is quite natural. But do not let the anxiety stop you from popping the question.

Planning is the key because proposing to a girl is a big deal. So before you buy the ring, you need to pull up your socks and make your game really strong.

We are trying to be of little help by offering some unique and romantic proposal ideas for Valentine’s Day that will help your nerves subside and let you do the right thing.

Propose In a Movie Theatre

If your lady love doesn’t mind PDA, then popping the question during a movie break in a theatre is an absolutely amazing idea. Certainly, something she’ll never expect and something she will cherish her entire life. Of course, it takes guts to propose in front of so many people, but a ‘Yes’ afterward (if God willing and she willing) will make it worth all the efforts.

A Scavenger Hunt Proposal

A mini scavenger hunt for her to find the ring is quite a fun and mysterious way to propose. You can start at her place and lead the hunt through many places with different hints that finally ends at a favorite spot that you two love. You can get special Valentine’s Day gifts and keep them as a hint with a message. It will increase her curiosity and finally when you pop the question with a ring, she will be in tears with a sweet smile on her face.

The T-Shirt Proposal


Got a plain white T-shirt? Consider half of the work is done. Be a little creative and get “Will You Marry Me?” printed on the T-shirt or you can also go for a personalised gift to propose your love. Wear a jacket over it and take your girl to her favorite café or park. Afterward, get down on your knee and reveal the question on your T-shirt to her with a smile. Whether you receive yes or no for an answer, full marks will be given to the creativity.

A Proposal in the Sky

If your girl is a fan of adventure sports, then this would be the best way to propose her. Take her for paramotoring and while she is up in the sky, there will be a huge “Will You Marry Me?” written on the ground. Her expressions will be priceless watching that flying high up in the sky. Just wait for her to come down so that you can get on your knee with a ring in your hand.

Radio Proposal

If your girl loves to listen to a local FM show hosted by a particular jockey every day at a specific time, then proposing her over the radio will be quite cool. Try and reach that RJ and tell him that you want to propose your girl on his show. Once you have the permission, send a sweet and memorable message to your girl on the radio show and play her favorite song afterward. A sweet proposal followed by a lovely song will be superb. You can call her after the song to know her answer.

Banner Proposal

If playing with words is not your thing, then propose your girl with a banner saying “I Love You” & “Will You Marry Me?” displayed outside her house. This kind of proposal works perfectly fine for die-hard romantics. Abstain from using her real name in the banner. You can use the pet name or love name with which you love to address her normally.

Propose With a Flash Mob

Quite a Hollywood type proposal it would be. But if your girl enjoys attention, she would definitely love it and the chances of yes for an answer will be more. You can organize a flash mob with your friends and complete strangers and choose a public spot for the proposal. In the end, let a few people hold up boards spelling out “Will You Marry Me?” Your girl will be surprised beyond words. It is one of the most trending proposal ideas. You can also take help of organizations to create a romantic flash mob proposal.

We understand that popping the question is never easy. But with careful planning and brilliant ideas mentioned above, you can propose your lady with utmost confidence, grace and even with cute proposal quotes also.

Just follow your heart and do your best. The answer will definitely be in your favor!

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