5 Awesome Tips To Celebrate Valentine’s Day In A Long Distance Relationship

Distance is just a test to see how far love can travel. – Tumblr

The pain of being miles away from your beloved, especially during Valentine’s Day is incorrigible. You crave to see your partner in person, hug them and feel their touch. But the distance plays a cruel part of blocking your ways.

Long distance relationships are tough. And they can be worst at times when you see most of the people around you celebrating Valentine’s Day with the love of their life.

But disheartening yourself will only make the things worst!

So what if you and your partner are in different time zones and cannot afford to be with each other on Valentine’s Day. There are some amazing ways to spice up your relationship and have fun together, even when you both are miles apart from each other.

Arrange a Skype Dinner Date

Having dinner with your partner on Valentine’s Day is one of the most romantic things to do. And there is no point of missing it even when you are away from your partner. You can always arrange a Skype dinner date with your partner where both of you can cook your own favorite meals and have a virtual dinner date in front of a camera. It will be too much fun!

Cute Handwritten Love Letters

Some things never lose their charm with the passage of time. The romantic handwritten love letters are one of them. Write something you love and adore about your partner or mention a funny incident. Make it magical that your partner would love to read over and again with a smile on their face. With a personal touch, your partner will keep this present closer to their heart, just like you.

Surprise with a Box of Their Favorite Things

Valentine’s Day is the best time to pamper your partner with romantic gifts and loads of love. Even being physically away from each other, you can show your partner that you care by surprising them with a box of their favorite things. It can be clothes, desserts, quirky gifts or anything that reminds them of you. Don’t forget to keep cute little love notes in between valentines day gifts for that extra dose of love and smiles!

Plan a Movie Date

Not being able to do things together is undoubtedly one of the worst things about long distance relationship. You miss having the best experiences of life with your partner, laughing with each other or crying on each other’s shoulder. Well, technology can actually provide ways to feel closer even being physically apart from your partner. You can plan a movie date by choosing a movie together. Call up your partner and start the movie at the same time. It will provide you two the feeling of doing something together and the physical distance will become absurd at that moment.

A Surprise Visit

The best and easiest way to beat the distance is to travel the distance. Surprise your partner by showing up unexpectedly on Valentine’s Day. Nothing else in the whole world would make them happier than getting to see you! Make sure you don’t let your partner know about your plans, keep it hush-hush to witness a priceless smile on their face when you meet them in person.

This Valentine’s Day, don’t let the distance get you down. Make the best out of everything to enjoy with your partner even when you can’t be together. With sweet little gestures mentioned above, you can definitely make your partner smile and make them feel closer.

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