8 Fabulous Home Decor Gifts for your Loved Ones

Decorating the house is one of the most enriching, satisfying and fulfilling things to do as there are no strings attached. People make use of decorative objects to create a comfortable, cosy space that helps them relax and unwind after a stressful day. So, if you are looking for a way to amp up their feeling, enter the best home decor gifts that will legit spruce up any space. The list has something to meet every taste and budget.

Bookend Vase

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Bring instant joy to their space with this lovely and unique bookend vase. Built as a compelling and impressive piece of art, this bookend will make a beautiful addition to a table or a bookshelf. They can even decorate these bookend vases with flowers, plants or any other decorative item, adding visual interest to their space.

Potted Plants

Potted Plants

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We all know someone who would turn the world upside-down for their green babies. Such people would really appreciate houseplants as home decor gifts for their garden. So. whether they are a seasoned grower or a budding enthusiast – Suprise them with more greenery and this stress-relieving gift. Some of the best indoor plants that have a universal appeal are spider plants, pothos, jade plants and aloe vera.

Mini Drawers/Storage Stands

Mini drawers

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For the Monicas in your life, storage gifts will work wonders. Someone who lives for organisation and has an OCD for orderliness would thank you a ton for stylish storage solutions. You can go for either or all – mini drawers, storage boxes, engraved pen stands, magazine holders, etc.

Scented Candles

Scented candles

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Nice smells and aromas can be a great stress buster and uplift the mood in no time. Hence, scented candles will make an excellent home décor gift, especially during the holidays. So, if you have trouble deciding what sort of candles should you get for the recipient, apart from considering their likes, you can also take into account the time of year too. For example, if it’s the time of Halloween or Christmas, go for pumpkin spice-scented or Fir Balsam-scented candles respectively.

Decorative Lamps & Lights

Decorative lamps & lights

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When shopping for a housewarming gift, especially for newlyweds or new homeowners, give them the gift of lighting. You can go for a stylish & boho chandelier, ceiling light, convertible lantern or pendant light that will make a delightful gift idea.

Art Pieces & Sculptures

Art pieces & sculptures

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Art pieces and sculptures can be a great addition to the abode of an art lover. So choosing a nice home décor gift is a no-fail idea. For any of your art-enthusiast friends or family member, this gift in particular gives a touch of personalisation to any décor setup. They will fondly remember you for years to come for this thoughtful gesture of yours.

Dream Catcher with Fairy Lights

Dream catcher with fairy lights

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A dreamcatcher makes a happy and aesthetic home décor gift that will help the recipient feather their nest in style. Quite literally! Besides, dream catchers are good luck charms that keep off negative energies and allow positivity to shine through. Thus, gift your dear ones a dreamcatcher, topped with LED lights, that will make a perfect addition to any room, be it day or night.

Retro-Themed Décor

Retro themed decor

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For people who love everything old school, gift them something retro-themed that will be a real blast from the past. So, surprise the yesteryear friend who appreciates timeless style with home décor gifts like retro shades, gamer console mugs, vintage phone lamps, vintage clocks and retro radio purses. All of these gifts are certain to get the nostalgia flowing.

So, what’s the wait for? Surprise the style mavens on your list with these surefire home décor gifts.

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