How to Host An Unforgettable Christmas Party at Home

Even the mere thought of Christmas gets everyone’s senses abuzz. The cold winter wind, the Christmas lights, the smell of freshly-baked gingerbread, sweet aroma of Christmas Cup-Cakes the sound of Christmas tunes, decking the halls and most importantly, throwing a festive bash – Christmas is indeed the most-awaited festival. However, organising and planning one is not everyone’s cup of hot cocoa. So, if you want your guests to eat, drink and be merry, here are some surefire tips for throwing an unforgettable Xmas party. Take a good look at them below.

Set Up a Theme – and Stick to it

Set Up a Theme - and Stick to it

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The very first step to hosting a party that will end up becoming a core memory, start by choosing a theme. This will undoubtedly help you outshine other holiday fêtes. While there is a classic and fun option of an ugly sweater party, how about a Grinch-mas party, winter wonderland theme party or brunch Xmas Party?

Book a Venue at Least 2-3 Weeks Before

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Is it an intimate gathering? Is it formal, casual or somewhere in the middle? Whatever the case, make these decisions early and ensure you book your venue accordingly at least 2-3 weeks before. If you have invited only a close-knit group of friends, you can host the Christmas party at home. All in all, creating a guest list first will come in handy.

 It is also advisable to pre-book Christmas flowers to ensure availability and allow florists to prepare & deliver fresh, festive arrangements on time.

Know the Food Requirement

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While planning a Christmas party, one thing that’s worst than a nightmare is running out of food & drinks or getting wined up with a pile of leftover food. Though you can donate the remaining meals to a shelter, paying attention to the number of guests will ensure everyone is sufficiently well-fed and watered. Also, while preparing your menu, don’t forget to whip up some family’s special Christmas dishes and make your guests have just pure indulgence.

Don’t Forget a Dessert Table

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What’s Christmas without baked treats, right? So, end your Christmas feast on a high note with a separate section for delicious desserts. Decorate it well with Christmas-themed cakes, cookies, cupcakes, cheesecakes, ice creams, yummy chocolates and so much more to impress all the attendees without fail.

Set Up a Backdrop for Photos

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Is that even a party if it’s not talked about everywhere on social media? In today’s time, it’s not! So, get a photo booth or DIY an aesthetically-pleasing backdrop. Decorate the blank wall with Christmas balloons/banners and fab Christmas sayings. You can also add streamers or flowers that will give way to the n-number of insta-worthy selfies and group pictures. Don’t forget to add a few props too such as Santa hats, beards, giant candy canes and LED Reindeer horns headbands. This will be an excellent way to make everlasting memories with your dear ones and spread Christmas cheer.

Create a Playlist

Create a Playlist

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While your priority would be Christmas hampers, don’t neglect other aspects such as mixing the right playlist.Get everyone in a merry mood with some peppy holiday numbers! Put together the ultimate playlist that includes trending songs alongside merry tunes that will make even the shyest one move a leg.

Entertainment. Entertainment. Entertainment

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Whether naughty or nice, everyone enjoys party games, especially during Christmas. So, have your guests mingle and have a good time by organising holiday-themed interesting party games. Go for classic and fun games like card games, jingle bell toss, gift wrap games and Christmas movie trivia.

Light the Way

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We cannot even stress enough how lights contribute to a festive atmosphere, make everyone’s heart merry and leave their eyes twinkling. So, while hosting a Christmas party, bring the holiday glow inside with candles, bulbs and string lights.

Hosting a memorable Xmas party is a lot of responsibility. However, with these tips and tricks up your sleeves, you can surely give your guests the time of a lifetime. Also, don’t forget to put up Christmas gifts & party favours for your guests to make them feel on cloud nine.

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