A Guide to Cosmos – October’s Birth Flower

Every month is adorned with its unique bloom, and for October, it’s the charming Cosmos that takes the spotlight. Though it has two birth flowers i.e. marigolds and cosmos, the latter stands more popular. With its delicate petals and vibrant hues, Cosmos flowers hold a special place in the hearts of October-born individuals. Let’s embark on a journey to explore the beauty and symbolism behind this lovely daisy-like flower, shedding light on why it’s more than just a nature marvel.

Cosmos: A Burst of Colours

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Cosmos flowers are known for their daisy-like appearance and available in a variety of colours, including shades of pink, white, orange and even chocolate. These vivid hues make them a favourite not just in indoor spaces but also as cut flowers in bouquets.

October’s Birth Flower: A Personal Touch

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For those born in October, Cosmos holds a special significance. The prime reason is that it embodies the spirit of the individuals born in this month i.e. vibrant, diverse and full of life. Gifting Cosmos flowers to someone born in the 10th month of the year adds personal touch, reflecting the essence of their personality.

Symbolism and Meanings

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Cosmos flowers often represent order, peace and tranquillity, regardless of their colour. In the language of flowers, they represent the beauty and peacefulness of a balanced life. For those who aren’t aware, the word ‘Cosmos’ itself means harmony and balance in Greek, perfectly capturing the essence of this bloom.

Cultivation and Care

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Taking care of flowering plants is no easy feat! Cosmos take care of this concern effortlessly given their easy cultivation. They thrive in sunny spots, requiring minimal care. Furthermore, these hardy annuals can tolerate different kind of soil types and are drought-resistant, making them a favourite among gardeners for both beginners and experts.

Historical Significance

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Though these blooms don’t appear that extra, cosmos flowers have a rich history, with roots in Mexico, where they were considered sacred by the Aztecs. Over the centuries, they found their way into gardens around the world, gracing every space with their beauty and elegance.

Cosmos in Various Cultures

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In different cultures, Cosmos flowers represent the concepts of love, peace and harmony. In Victorian times, gifting Cosmos was a way of saying, “I’m thinking of you.” Besides, the parts of these flowers are used in traditional medicine in different parts of the world. Thus, it can be rightly said that these blooms are highly versatile in nature.

Whether you’re an October baby yourself or looking for an impressive birthday gift for someone born in this month, Cosmos flowers (and even marigold flowers bouquet) not only brighten up any space but also carry a message of harmony and balance. If you are unable to find these blooms at your local nursery, you can easily order a flower arrangement online.

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