Build a Perfect Welcome Kit with these Orientation Gifts

There’s a wise saying that goes, ‘You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.’ The quote cannot stand more true for practically any situation, including employee onboarding. An employee’s first day is filled with a number of thoughts and emotions: meeting new co-workers, knowing the ins & outs of their role and a little stress of fulfilling the expectations can easily be nerve-wracking for even the steadiest. Therefore, it becomes important for the companies to ensure that the new employees feel welcome, easy, confident and appreciated from day one. So, what should be in a welcome kit? Listed below are top orientation gifts for new employees:

Eco-Friendly Stationery

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When thinking about what is a good gift for new employee, you cannot miss out on stationery! With more and more emphasis on adopting green practices, no idea can be more novel than giving an eco-friendly pack of stationery. It can be a bamboo pencil, seeded plantable notepad, handmade welcome card, etc. Believe us, it will make them feel fresh in an instant.

A Backpack

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Gift the new joiners a stylish and functional backpack that will make them the gift of a lifetime. A backpack will tie everything together in a stylish manner – a notebook, laptop, charger and other office supplies. In case your budget allows, go for a backpack that comes with anti-theft features and USB charging ports. Also, to give a personal touch, add your company’s branding or your employee’s name.

Desk Organiser

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Keeping the desk organised is essential as a cluttered space can trigger anxiety and lower productivity levels. On that note, an office desk organiser could be counted amongst nice employee orientation gifts. This will also make them feel at home in their new environment and organise their space as per their likeness.

A Coffee Mug

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The best conversations often take place over a cup of coffee in the cafeteria or break room. Hence, a customised coffee mug will be a nice way to encourage employees to bond with their colleagues. To make it more memorable and give a special touch, add your branding or a customised message. This thoughtful personalised corporate gift idea will truly be useful and practical.

A Desk Plant

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A new desk is usually a cold, empty space. Help them jazz it up a little with a nice office desk plant. An indoor desk plant makes a nice welcoming gift that is said to keep employees energized the whole day. After all, plants give out positive vibes and brighten up the (otherwise empty) space in an instant. Plus, plants are an incredible stress reliever.

P.S: To begin with, gift them succulents as they are powerful and low maintenance.

A Pack of Sweets & Snacks

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The last one on our list of orientation gifts is a pack of sweets & snacks. Welcome the new joiners with an assortment of sweets and snacks. Not only will this gift be an incredible token of gratitude but will also hit off all the first-day notes the right way. Make it unique and special by putting together yummy treats of all kinds. This orientation gift will also be a great excuse to begin a conversation with their co-workers.

All these orientation gifts are a great way to calm the nerves of the new joiners and help them gel in their new environment. So, get started already for your new recruits!

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