Common Mistakes People Do In Corporate Gifting

Wondering how to select a remarkable corporate gift for your next event? A gift that stands out for all the good reasons. If yes, then you are in the right place. Whether you are planning corporate gifts for your clients, prospects, or employees, it requires a little effort (well, a little bit more!). It can be an awkward experience for you and your company if you do not consider the etiquette behind corporate gifting.

So, here we are with a list of some common mistakes that you need to avoid to build and maintain corporate relations.

  • Corporate gifts can be personalised but not too personal

You might have friendly terms with your colleagues, but that doesn’t mean that you can send personal gifts to them. Instead, it would be best if you go for sophisticated and subtle gift boxes or office essentials with the recipient’s initials on them. Adding a personalised message can do wonders in corporate gifting, but again, not too personal.

  • They should not look like a marketing gimmick

Do not consider corporate gifts as a marketing tool – they are just gifts. Choose a great gift that compliments the vision and values of your brand, but does not make your recipient feel like you are sending it as an incentive program. So, make sure to add the company’s logo to packaging or somewhere at the back or bottom (not on the top) of each gift item.

  • Give attention to timings

What is the use of Diwali gifts when they reach your recipients weeks later? While it is true that thoughts matter, it just does not have the same effect if it arrives late. It is, thus, essential to send your gifts well before the event or the occasion so that it reaches your clients and colleagues on time.

  • They should be reflective of your company’s values

Select an ideal gift that reflects the brand value in subtle ways. But do not make the mistake of covering the entire gift box with your logo or values. Find creative ways to brand your corporate gifts, and please your recipients.

  • They need not be boring, just practical

Always remember, corporate gifts should be useful and practical, but not necessarily boring. You can select from a range of office essentials, stationery items, gourmet food baskets, indoor plants, and handcrafted calendars – something that most people won’t buy for themselves but would love to receive. Just a little thought into the selection of gifts can strengthen your corporate relationships.

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