5 Rules for Corporate Gifting

Corporate gifts are a great way to strengthen business relationships with clients and show that you appreciate them. The corporate gifting is also known to provide great return-on-investment by generating more leads and sustained business. As corporate gift items can help your business grow, you need to put a bit of thought while choosing and sending them to your clients and partners.

Here are the five golden rules one must follow to pick suitable corporate gifts:

Set a Budget

Corporate gifting is a type of business investment, therefore, it is worth allocating a budget. Set a limit for purchasing corporate gifts and make sure to remain in that limit. Make sure the corporate gifts are not so lavish so that you don’t run out of funds. Also, if you send a gift that’s too expensive or valuable, it can portray that you are trying to flatter or bribe the client for more business. Don’t overdo it.

Choose Thoughtful Gifts

Don’t just choose business gifts for the sake of it. It is always good to put some thought into what you want to gift your client. Gifting something they like will show the client that you care. You can make notes of things they like or dislike, it will help select suitable gifts for them. Or you can opt for useful gifts that can be used every day or make their life easier. The bottom line is- be creative and considerate while choosing corporate gifts.

Consider Gift Policies & Legality

Before buying corporate promotional gifts, it is important to escalate ideas to the legal team for approval. As many companies have corporate gift policies that restrict the amount of spent value and prohibits certain gifts. And it is crucial to know about these laws and policies when assessing and implementing corporate gifting strategies. There should be 100% transparency in all kinds of corporate gifting strategies.

Personalise the Gift

The personal touch is really powerful, be it in relationships or gift-giving. For corporate gifting, it is important to understand the client’s or employee’s personality and personalise the gift accordingly. It also helps create a positive impression of the company. Also, the brand name and logo on the corporate gifts keep the company on the top of the mind of the clients. It is advised to add a personal message or handwritten note with the corporate gifts to show them the special care and attention you hold for them. The thoughtful gesture of personalising corporate gifts show the clients how much effort and thought you have put into it.

Don’t ignore Gift Packaging

When it comes to corporate gifting, the packaging is as important as the gift itself. So, if you want to leave a good impression on your client, try investing in some appropriate and beautifully-wrapped packaging for maximum impact. It will add to the wow factor of your corporate gifts and leave a good first impression that will further lead to strong and trusted business relationships.

Following these golden rules will make the process of corporate gifting quite easy and interesting.

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