Five Tips to Motivate Employees during Lockdown

Motivate Employees During Lockdown

The unprecedented event of worldwide lockdown has been a tough time for everyone. People are bound to stay at home and practice social distancing. Amidst the news of the spreading virus and bad performing economy, the working class has been under severe pressure during such challenging times. While working from home, people are facing challenges to perform daily tasks. Apart from following the norms of social distancing, there is a strong need to lift the spirits of employees and encourage them for better performance.

Here are the few tips to help companies motivate employees during the lockdown period:

Arrange Online Gatherings

Social gatherings are always considered the best option for cheering up the mood of the employees. But organising parties during the lockdown is not a feasible option. To solve this issue, companies can organise online weekend parties where employees can share their experiences and discuss solutions for daily work challenges while enjoying food and drinks at their respective places.

Online Fun Games & Events 

The fun games like dumb charades, bingo, Pictionary and puzzles are great ways to entertain employees online and help them strengthen the bond with their teammates. The companies can organise a fun online quiz session between teams of different departments once every week. It will help employees overcome the work from home blues.

Encouragement and Rewards

Encouragement always inspires employees to perform better and be more creative and productive. Giving gifts to employees who perform the best in the quiz will enhance the competitive spirit among all the teammates. It will prove to be quite helpful in keeping the spirits of employees high during the challenging times of lockdown.

Crash Courses 

The HR department of companies can use the lockdown period to introduce online skill development courses. It will help employees learn new skills related to their job and communication. Also, the idea of learning new skills will uplift the spirits of employees and contribute to enhancing their productivity.

Yoga and Counselling Sessions

The employees working from home are going through a lot of stress during the lockdown period. The companies can organise online yoga and counselling sessions to help reduce the stress of employees and keep their minds fresh. It will improve the mental and physical health of the employees and have a positive impact on their productivity.

We hope these useful tips help companies keep their remote workforce engage and productive.

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