How to Organise Father’s Day Party during Quarantine?

Fathers Day Celebration in Quarantine

Father’s Day is an occasion when we get an opportunity to show our love and gratitude towards our dads. We all want to make this day awesome and memorable for our fathers. But due to the challenging times of lockdown, we’ll have to limit our planning this year. Though you can’t go out for shopping or fancy dinner with your dad, you can still make the day special by planning a fun Father’s Day party at home.

Here are few tips for organising awesome Father’s Day party during the quarantine.

Bake a cake

Bake a cake with father

A delicious cake always uplifts the mood of the party. Start Father’s Day celebration by baking your dad’s favourite cake at home. You can look for recipes online. And if you’re still not sure, then you can take help of your mom or siblings.

Decorate His Room

Decorate father's room

Give a pleasant surprise to your dad by decorating his room. Adorned with string lights and colourful balloons- the flittering decoration will make the entire house look party-ready and spread fun vibes.

Surprise with a Digital Gift

digital gift

A digital gift is a fabulous idea to surprise your dad during the lockdown. The amazing digital gifts, such as guitarist on-call, poet on-call, personalised video message, celebrity video message or digital caricatures, are delivered online via video calls, SMS or emails. The awesome technology-enabled gifts are sure to brighten up your dad’s day.

A DIY Gift

DIY gift for fathers day

Going out to buy a gift is not feasible during the lockdown period. You can try and make a DIY Father’s Day gift with the items available at home. Make a collage with old, memorable pictures of your dad. Or make a cute bookmark with a thoughtful quote. You can also prepare a delightful Father’s Day hamper with chocolates and goodies available at home.

Cook His Favourite Dinner

Cook father's favorite food

Serving your father’s favourite food is another way to impress him when the options are limited. You can prepare a three-course meal at home for Father’s Day celebration. Enjoying delicious dessert after dinner will be the best way to culminate the special day.

Arrange a Game Night 

Gaming with father

Arranging a family game night is another way to have fun on Father’s Day without stepping out of your house. The indoor games, like dumb charades, Pictionary, Bingo, Poker or Uno, will bring excitement to the table. Make sure all the family members are dressed up in their best attires to make the game session even more exciting, or you can also play together on your gaming console.

Plan a Movie Marathon

Movie with father

Don’t be sad if you cannot take your dad for a movie date on this special day. Plan a movie marathon at home. Watch movies that narrate the story of the father-child relationship. It will give you a perspective and help you strengthen your relationship with your dad.

Add fun to Father’s Day party with these awesome celebration ideas.

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