Make Your Anniversary Romantic and Unforgettable During Quarantine

Anniversary celebration during quarantine

Anniversary is a special day to cherish the bond with your partner. Whether it’s your first, tenth, or fiftieth anniversary, it must be celebrated with great love and festivities. While many of us are not able to meet our ‘bae,’ you’re lucky to have them beside you. So, you should not let this lockdown bring down your romantic spirit and get right on to planning the special day.

Don’t worry, we have pulled together a list of all the creative things that couples can do for a memorable anniversary celebration in quarantine. Unforgettable times call for unforgettable celebrations!

  • Recreate your 1st date or movie nightmovie date

This is indeed one of the most romantic gestures that you can do to make your special day even more cherished. Cook the dish you ate on your first date while watching the same movie you watched together years back. With a few extra creative touches, turn a typical dinner into a celebration. Post the date, surprise your partner with gift hampers of cookies, chocolates, or spa and grooming kits.

  •  Chocolates and cakes to the rescueEnjoying cake

What else is better than a sweet treat to celebrate a special occasion? Order your partner’s favourite cake along with a box or bouquet of chocolates and show them how much you love them. You can also order a photo cake with one of your old pictures and celebrate this beautiful day together. Sweet and simple!

  •  Be nostalgic with old photosNostalgia with old photos

Grab your old photo albums and get some personalized gifts for the day. You can choose from photo frames, cushions, mugs, key rings, and table lamps among other things. These personalized gifts are one of the most thoughtful anniversary gifts for your partners. Spend your special evening pouring through old memories together.

  •  Decorate your bedroom to celebrate the dayAnniversary Bedroom Decoration

Don’t we all love it when our partners decorate (and clean, of course) the bedroom and surprise us for a special occasion? Fill the room with cheerful balloons and cute photos of you and your partner to recall those unforgettable memories on your anniversary.

  •  Share love with timeless flowersPlace surprise bouquet in room

Some things never get old, instead, they become classic, and flowers are just that. Leave a bouquet in your bedroom with a hand-written note or letter and make them feel like they are the star of your rom-com.

  •  Bring on that gamePlaying games with lover

While both of you juggle between ‘work from home’ and ‘work of home,’ a fun game-packed day could help bring back the energy and fun. Create your own games- from simple card games to the complicated game of Twister. Or simply give in to the online #couplechallenge. And, the winner gets their favourite fragrance or accessory!

Not sure where you can get these gifts, flowers, and cakes? Head to this page and explore all that you can do for your anniversary celebration in quarantine!


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