Friendship Day Celebration Ideas with Your College Besties

College memories are incomplete without friends and their funny stories. They make college life worth reminiscing for decades. The years of laughter, silly fights and loads of last-minute plans with college friends make them an important part of your life.

Friendship Day is approaching on 30th July. It allows you to have a ball with your beasties in college and create everlasting memories. We are sharing some awesome Friendship Day celebration ideas to help you make this day fun & memorable for your college buddies & show that they mean the world to you.

    • Have a rendezvous

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Plan a gathering with your college friends at your favorite hangout spot. Revive the good old memories with delicious food & refreshing drinks. It will re-ignite the spark in your friendship.

    • Send surprise gifts

Want to add some excitement to the celebration? Surprise your friends with fantastic Friendship Day gifts like a cake, bouquet of yellow flowers, personalized mugs, greeting cards or a premium food hamper. The thoughtful gifts will reflect your love and appreciation.

    • Throw a party

A party is always a great idea to celebrate any special occasion and turn it into a fun event. Send invites to your friends for a house party. Choose a theme and plan everything accordingly like food, decorations, costumes, and return gifts for friends. Enjoy the moment to the fullest. And yes, don’t forget to capture memories in your camera.

    • Plan a road trip

There’s nothing more refreshing than a fun road trip with your beasties. Being on the road with your friends is a thrilling experience that will help you make the most of Friendship Day. If your gang is adventurous, then you can also go trekking, bungee jumping or paragliding.

    • Make a Friendship Day Video

Collect some pictures from your friends. Club them with a mellow Friendship Day music. Be a little more creative and make a heart-touching video to make your friends feel special.

    • Make DIY Friendship Day gifts

DIY gifts are the best ideas that vividly showcase the innermost feelings of your heart. You can make colourful Friendship Day cards or Friendship bands at home on this great occasion. Take a cue from online DIY videos. Tickle your creative bone a little and make something colourful to delight your buddies.

    • Delight with gift cards

Go a little extra & delight your friends with gift cards of their famous brands. It will give them the liberty to choose gifts of their choice. Such a thoughtful gifting option will show how much you care about your friends.

Try these exciting Friendship Day celebration ideas & make your college life memorable.

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