How to celebrate National Girlfriends Day?

August 1st marks National Girlfriends Day, to honour the special relationship that women have with their close female friends. It allows us to meet & greet our female friends & let them know how much they mean to us. It is the best day to hang out with your girlfriends, enjoy good food, exchange gifts, &

create memories. Apart from your girlfriends, you can also celebrate the day with women who are close to your heart like your mother, sister, cousin, colleague or sister-in-law.

We have put together a list of fun ways to celebrate National Girlfriends Day & make it memorable.

    • Shop till you drop

Shopping is an effective stress reliever & it is cheaper than therapy. Go on a shopping spree with your girl gang. Hunt malls & flea markets. Try outfits. Hoard cool treasures. Help each other find the best party dresses. You can also shop for gifts for girlfriends from their favourite stores or maybe ask them to select a gift for themselves.

    • A dinner date

Good food, refreshing drinks & soothing background music. You don’t need much to chill with your gang of girls on this special day. Talk about life, your experiences or discuss something with your girls that you wanted to do for a long time.

    • Plan a surprise pyjama party

Have you been thinking to plan a surprise for girlfriends? How about a fun pyjama party at your place. Just call up your female BFF’s & invite them for a sleepover. Don’t give them a hint that you’re throwing a party at your place. And once they’re at your doorstep, ta-da! Have a ball while watching rom-coms, stuffing your face with food & drinks, and tapping feet on your favourite dance numbers.

    • Delight with Gifts

If all your girlfriends are in different cities at the moment & you cannot meet them in person, then make your presence feel with online gift delivery. You can send fresh flowers for girlfriend & brighten their day. Let them taste happiness with their favourite cake. Or you can search online personalised gifts for girlfriend to give them something meaningful & long-lasting that evoke happy memories.

    • Go on a picnic

When was the last time you went on an all-girls picnic? You probably don’t even remember. Do it on this special day. Plan with your girls and choose a nice spot for a picnic. Pack some food and drinks and get ready to have fun.

    • Plan a road trip

Grab your close friends & get out there on the best road trip of your life. Make a plan. Do your research beforehand. Ask everyone’s preference in the group. Get everything you would need while travelling. And get ready to experience one of the most exciting trips of your life.

    • Make a cute throwback video

Memories are the gateway to happy times. Help your girlfriends relive sweet moments from the past with a cute throwback video. Choose photographs from birthdays and festivals that you have celebrated together & group them with fantastic music. Share it with your friends. They’ll love the video & thank you for gifting them a beautiful treasure.

We hope you have a great National Girlfriends Day with your special women.

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