10 Friendship Day Gifts To Let Your Friends Know How Precious They Are

” Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart.
Eleanor Roosevelt”

You do not get to choose where you are born or who your parents will be. But you have the full freedom to choose who your friends will be in the journey of life. Yes, the friends who love you, care for you and always support you in the time of need. They are the people who laugh with you, wipe your tears and always accept you for who you are. You can be yourself in front of them without the fear of being judged. And you know that even if the whole world turns its back on you these friends will still be there to hold your hand and let you sail through the hardest storms of life.

Every year, Friendship Day is celebrated on 30th July in the UAE. It is the perfect day to celebrate the gems in your life whom you call friends. It gives you a chance to show your love for them in unique ways. We are sharing here 10 awesome Friendship Day gift ideas to help you let your friends know how precious they are to you.

Celebrate Friendship Day With a Cake

Bring a million dollar smile on your best friend’s face with his/her favorite flavored cake. Every bite of the cake will be worth relishing with your cakeholic buddy while cherishing the good old memories of the past.

Send Them Love with Vibrant Flowers

Yellow blooms are the best to extend Happy Friendship Day greetings and cherish the special bond that you share with your friends. The bright and fragrant blooms will articulate your deepest emotions in the language of love without uttering a single word.

Say It Out Loud With Personalised Gifts

There is nothing thoughtful than personalised gifts to please your friends on this special day and bring a charming smile on their face. Ranging from custom mugs, cushions, photo frames and bottle lamps to key chains, there are plenty of personalized gift ideas that will amaze your friend and give them memories for a lifetime.

Mesmerize With a Great Perfume

A perfect gift idea for a fashionista friend who never steps out of the home without wearing a good fragrance. Elegant perfume with a long-lasting fragrance will help your buddy stand out in the crowd and make a style statement.

Treat Them with Chocolates

Gifting chocolates on Friendship day is the best way to pamper a friend who has a sweet tooth. Sending a box or a bouquet of lip-smacking flavored chocolates such as Ferrero Rocher, Lindt, Godiva, and Mars is the best way to send across the message of ‘I care for you’ to your best friend.

Wish Good Luck With Lucky Bamboo

Lucky bamboo would make an appropriate gift for a nature-lover buddy that will grow day by day with love and care. The lucky bamboo is best to wish your friend good luck and prosperity in life that will also attract positive energy to their life and fill their home with calm and peaceful vibes.

Comfort Them with Soft Toys

A cute and cuddly soft toy will make an excellent Friendship Day present for a friend who is all grown up but still like to cuddle with these adorable buddies. It is almost like gifting your friend a buddy whom they can hug in your absence whenever they are sad or feeling a bit low.

Create Everlasting Ties with Friendship Band

No matter how cliché it sounds, but there is no better gift for friends than Friendship band. It will shine on your buddy’s wrist as a token of your love and keep them closer to you irrespective of the miles of physical distance in between.

Delight Them with Snacks Hamper

Every gang has a foodie friend who just cannot stop talking or thinking about food. Share the love with your foodie buddy by gifting a delectable snacks hamper. Apparently, the best thing to share with them and take their love for food to a whole new level.

Send Heart-Touching Message with a Greeting Card

This Friendship Day, thank your friends for being the sunshine of your life by sending them beautiful greeting cards along with flowers, cake or a gift. A heartwarming hand-written message inside will sum up your feeling for your dear friend and leave them teary-eyed.

Every year, Friendship Day is celebrated with great fun and fervor that gives people some amazing memories to hold on to forever. May these gift ideas help make this occasion special and memorable for your friends who hold a special place in your life.

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