Gifts for the Person you’ve Just Started Seeing

When in the early stages of a relationship, gift-giving can feel a little awkward and overwhelming. The prime reason is it’s a whole new ball game where you are in the process of getting to know each other. And we know you want to maintain a balance between sentimental, playful and a little cheesy. Well, if you are feeling clueless, no need to stress anymore about it. If gift-giving is your love language, below we have rounded up some fail-proof gifts for a new relationship.

A Bouquet

Gifts for a new relationship - A Flower Bouquet

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In every romantic flick, the hero makes the first impression with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Hence, giving flowers to someone special is still the most classic and adorable way to strike all the right notes. Some of the most suitable flower bouquets for the first few dates could be roses, peonies, tulips, orchids and Chrysanthemums.

A Book

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Doesn’t matter if they have a home library where they have already ploughed through everything, a book indeed makes a nice gift for the person you have just started dating. It is the easiest, safest, thoughtful and most obvious route to gift a book. Even if the person is not an avid reader or a bibliophile, you never know if a book might become their favourite pastime. Also, since there are so many genres when it comes to books, you can choose the one that conveys your feelings and sentiments most aptly.

A Coffee Gift Box

Gifts for a new relationship - A Coffee Hamper

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Within 2-3 dates, you will surely get an idea whether they are a tea-lover or coffee-lover. So, if they are someone who lives, eats and breathes coffee, help them assemble a nice cup of joe by gifting a gift box of royal beans. Gift your partner a gift box that includes the most sought-after and seasonal coffees which will extract the most delicious and yummy nectar. How about adding a personalised mug and even a fancy milk frother!

A Spotify Keychain

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Though this gift is relevant for a little later stage, a Spotify keychain can be a really thoughtful and considerate gift. It will convey that you are really into the person and want to cherish all those first moments, including the first song of you two. You can easily get these custom-made Spotify code tag music covers, an exact replica of Spotify and surprise your partner. So, capture the best moments of your lives and frame them with the song of the moment.

A Low-Maintenance Plant

Gifts for a new relationship - Plants

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Indoor plants are trending, in more ways than one! Of course, you would not know much about the person you have just started to date. However, low-maintenance indoor plant(s) would make a cool, relevant yet meaningful gifts for a new relationship. More so, just like relationships require effort and work, so does the plant. But since you two are taking baby steps, it’s better to go for low-maintenance indoor plants like Pothos, snake plants, air plants and succulents. These green babies don’t require much attention and thrive on neglectedness.

A Hamper of Chocolates & Candies

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In the early stages of dating, going modest will be the safest and best option. So, if you don’t want to go overboard but at the same time, want to delight your partner, a nice candies and chocolate hamper will make a perfect present. This is among the best gifts for a new relationship that is guaranteed pleaser!

A Greeting Card

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Yes, greeting cards are back in trend! There is still something magical about hand-addressed greeting cards. So, rather than a WhatsApp message after a nice date, slip a handwritten greeting card saying how much you enjoyed the time spent together and look forward to the next meet-up.

The bottom line is to pick a gift that is not too elaborative, vague, awkward or meaningless. And you will be just fine!

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