Here is How to Plan a Birthday Party that will be Remembered Forever

Light the candles & throw the confetti, for this is the time for a party.

Planning a birthday party is a big responsibility. It is no less than a herculean task since a lot goes into planning. However, it can be fascinating as you have got a chance to show your creative side and management prowesses. You need to find the perfect venue, arrange good food and hit the bull’s eye, that too within a budget.

While people continue to raise the bar on birthday parties by being extravagant, be mindful and organise an eco-friendly birthday party this year. Here are the ways on how to plan a birthday party that will be remembered forever.

Decide on a Theme for a Themed-Gala

decide a theme

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Picking up the right theme for a party amps up the joy of celebrations. If you know their interest – great; If you don’t and it’s not a surprise party, it’s better to consult them. There are many themes to choose from when planning a birthday party that will be remembered forever. For example, use their hobby as a theme for the birthday cake & decorations. For an anime fan, decide the costumes, make a playlist of anime songs and use anime stickers as birthday party decorations. To plan a birthday party that will be remembered forever, ensure the theme stays consistent throughout.

Send Out Eco-Friendly Invites

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Another selling point of digitalisation is that you can now give the paper a miss. Instead of printing invites on expensive papers & envelopes and adding them to the trash, send out e-invites, a simple and sensible idea. If you still want to hand-deliver them, prepare your invites on recycled paper.

Zero Waste/Reusable Decorations

reusable decorations

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Grace the venue with decor items that follow zero waste principles. Put up the decorations that can be reused or composted. For example, instead of balloon decorations or hanging streamers, use recyclable/reusable materials such as paper, leaves, flowers, clothes, etc. Of course, you can use fairy lights to add glitter to the occasion. You can also arrange for an activity wherein the guests will make and colour their party hats themselves.

Bite-Sized Food to Avoid Wastage

Bite sized food to avoid wastage

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Every little bite helps! People tend to eat, or at least taste, all the items available at a party. As a result, they take more food than they can eat, which leads to a lot of food wastage. Therefore, prepare as many bite-sized food items as possible to avoid unnecessary food wastage.

Eliminate Single-Use or Disposable Tableware

Eliminate single use or disposal

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Prevent a huge carbon footprint by avoiding disposable utensils. Instead, use steel or melamine to be washed and reused. You can also go for bamboo or leaves plates, cups, and cutlery that are environment-friendly & aesthetically pleasing. Also, make use of recycled glass jars, paper straws, cloth napkins and kullahds! The list is long, you just have to think.

Bake the Cake at Home

Bake the Cake At Home

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Generally, designer birthday cakes contain tons of ingredients, many of which are anti-green. Sugar, eggs, chocolate and flour – each one of them come with some environmental consequences. If possible, replace each item with its healthier version, such as jaggery or palm sugar with refined sugar, wheat flour with refined flour and so on. Here is how to bake a healthy chocolate cake for birthday. Moreover, if you want to go desi, opt for a cake made up of milk, sugar and nuts. 

Environment-Friendly Gifts

environment friendly gifts

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You can request the guests to bring eco-friendly gifts such as houseplants, plantable stationery items, clay figurines or decorative items, sustainable beauty products, books and so on. Also, you can ask them to have the birthday gifts wrapped in compostable wrapping paper or even a simple newspaper. For return gifts, you can choose scented candles, seeds, handmade soaps & bars, etc.

So these were some of the tips on how to plan a birthday party that will be remembered forever. Also, while you are at it, do not forget to play some upbeat, uplifting background music for a nice musical experience.

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