How to Wish a Happy Anniversary to Mom & Dad?

How to Wish Happy Anniversary to Mom & Dad

That moment of pledging eternal love may be long over, but a wedding anniversary calls for a celebration. It is a momentous day when a couple takes a vow to stay by each other’s side through thick and thin. And when it is your parents’ wedding anniversary, it calls for a memorable and crazy celebration. It is not just a celebration of their love and marriage but something that has laid the foundation for a happy family.

While chances are your parents will be reluctant to throw a party to commemorate their marriage, that should not stop you from playing your part to make their day memorable. After all, wishing ‘Happy Anniversary’ isn’t enough to celebrate their years of wedded bliss. We have rounded up some amazing ideas on how to wish a happy anniversary to mom and dad and celebrate another milestone. So put on your thinking cap and get the ball rolling!

Surprise Them With a Party to Have a Whale of Time

Surprise them with a party

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What better way to amaze your parents than throwing a surprise party? It doesn’t necessarily have to be grand; a small gathering would also work. Organise a party with the closest of friends & family members. Make arrangements for food, anniversary cakes and drinks. Jazz up the space with fairy lights, balloons (lots of them), ribbons, centrepieces, flower decoration, etc. To spice up the party and add flavours, decide upon an unconventional theme, say Retro. You can also have them recreate their marriage photos by calling a professional photographer.

Send Them on a Second Honeymoon

send them on a second honeymoon

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Let’s call it a holiday! Gift your parents the tickets to any beautiful destination to give them the much-needed break and time to spend together. From taking upon all the responsibilities to being busy parents to a grey-haired couple, couples tend to lose the spark. Therefore, arranging a romantic getaway will rekindle the romance in their relationship.

Plan a Mini Wedding All Over Again

plan a mini wedding all over again

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Another great way on how to wish a happy anniversary to mom and dad is to recreate their wedding, especially a silver anniversary. Plan a lovely, intimate wedding and invite all close family members and friends to paint the town red. Try to make everything look exactly like the D-day. You can book a hall, replay the actual wedding day and make your parents retake the vows, that too in their wedding attire.

Organise a Mini, Cute Wedding Screening at Home

organize a mini cute wedding screening at home

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If you are thinking of how to make an anniversary special when you can’t leave the house due to their busy schedule, express your love, regards and feelings by organising a cute wedding screening. Get hold of their wedding cassettes/DVDs to have them relive those moments. Look at old photos. Click photos. Encourage them to share their most cherished memories and remember the precious times they’ve spent together. This will show how far they have come as a beautiful couple. You can also ask their close friends and relatives to send a video message congratulating them both.

Let Them Take a Break, While you Take Care of Their Daily Chores

take care of their daily chores

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Act maturely as your parents have always wanted you to be by taking the burden off their shoulders, even if it’s for a day. You can give them a break by preparing the entire meal for a day, arranging your closet, teaching them the internet stuff you never had the time for and a lot more.

So these were some of the truly awww-some ideas for how to wish a happy anniversary to mom and dad that will probably bring a tear or two into their eyes (exactly what you are aiming for, right?)

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