Home Decor Plants – Different Ideas

Plants are some of the most beautiful gifts of nature. Not only do they help in de-stressing you after a hard day, they also purify the air naturally along with helping in beautifying any living space. Coming to the last bit, indoor plants can be used to decorate your home in innovative ways.

Here’s taking a look at the best indoor plants that you can use for decorating your home-

  • Pothos – Pothos comes laden with air purifying capabilities and can lower formaldehyde and other toxins, which are often found in carpets and other items at home. You can always embellish a living room corner, balcony or even a partition between rooms with a pothos plant in a hanging basket. You can even have it climbing up a trellis for added effect. You should ensure that natural light is aplenty wherever you place your Pothos plant.

  • Aloe – With Aloe Vera finally gaining recognition as a wellness solution, you can bring home an Aloe plant, which has several medicinal and healing abilities and has long and pointy leaves. They can grow up to three feet and you can keep them in indoor spaces, which have exposure to sunlight. This plant requires dry soil and you should not water it frequently as a result.

  • Spider – Spider plants look really unique and will add a special touch to any room without a doubt. These plants are hugely popular and come in several varieties. They can be used as hanging plants as well. Spider plants require medium/bright light to grow.

  • English Ivy – An unusual pick for your home, English Ivy ensures a classic elegance that you can use in your drawing room or patio if you have one. This can easily linger along furniture for a spectacular effect. You can start growing a new plant by simply cutting a section of its stem. Cool rooms work best for English Ivy plants along with moist soil.

  • Jade Plant – Jade Plants come with lush green leaves, which are thick and inviting. These plants take time to grow and look great in cute pots. You should not water this frequently and the plant should be kept at regular temperatures with bright light.

  • Ficus – Ficus plants come with sparkling leaves and add a lot of warmth to any living space. You can think of braiding the stems for a unique effect. Make sure that the plant gets plenty of sunlight and the plant should be watered at intervals. These plants prefer normal room temperatures.

  • Money Plant – Bring home greater peace and prosperity with a money plant. You can have a money plant grow lovingly around any window or even a bookcase or other furniture piece. These look great and you can even do up your kitchen or bathroom by installing a money plant strategically.

There are some great ideas that you can pick from while positioning indoor plants. If you want to jazz up your home entrance, consider installing an indoor plant near it and decorate the area with rocks. Make sure that natural light filters into the area though. In your kitchen, you can opt for a tiny vertical garden, especially for herbs. This looks absolutely amazing. You can also hang an indoor plant in the corner of your bedroom or keep a tiny planter on your bed stand. You can have a bigger plant as the focal point of attention in the living room or study. This can add depth to any seating zone. You can also have indoor plants kept in hanging pods or terrariums. Splendid mini-gardens can be created and showcased either on shelves or from the ceiling. These make stylish options for contemporary homes.

There is a lot you can do with the right indoor plants as far as home decor is concerned. All you need is some time to care for your plants and some out of the box thinking!

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