Tips to Calm Your Girlfriend Down When She is Mad or Hurt

There is nothing more dreadful or frustrating when your girlfriend is angry or sad. When you know the reason behind her anger, it is easier to help her calm down. But when you have no idea why she is pissed, it becomes tough to handle her emotions that are on the rise. Obviously, the argument won’t help and you also cannot expect her to confront. In such a scenario, you need to think and act wisely to deal with your angry girlfriend and do not let her stay mad. Read further to know some amazing ways to comfort your girlfriend and make her smile.

Give Her Flowers


Flowers are believed to make people feel instantly happy. No matter whether you had a big fight with her or she is upset due to your silly mistake, a bunch of gorgeous & fresh flowers will make a nice sorry gift for her. You can choose special sorry flowers and convey your message flawlessly with different types of blooms that are used to express unique emotions. Once you show up with flowers for your girlfriend, she cannot stay mad at you for long and bound to forgive you. 

Talk To Her

If you have no clue why your girlfriend is mad, then keep your ego aside and do the first thing – go talk to her. At least, you’ll get to know the reason behind her anger. If the fault is yours, then it is best to apologize. Trust me, you’ll make her smile just by saying ‘sorry.’ And if you have done nothing wrong, then just be humble and try to find the solution for her problem that has taken away her peace of mind.

Listen to Her

It is true to a great extent that sometimes girls don’t want a solution for their problems. They just want someone to listen to them and that surely makes them feel better. So, let her talk and give her all your attention. Once she acknowledges her feelings, she’ll feel much better and that will eventually help her calm down.

A Hug Would be Nice


There is no problem too big that a warm hug cannot resolve. Hugs make everything and everyone feel better. Your touch will calm her down and make her anger go away. The warm embrace of a hug will melt her in your arms and set the curve of a smile on her face.

Say Sorry with Gifts

If you know your girl well, then you must be familiar with her likes and dislikes. If she’s mad at you, buy a nice and thoughtful gift for her to apologize and win her heart. It will show that you care for her a lot and cannot see her mad or angry or stressed. Such a heart-warming gesture and sweet talks will certainly calm her down. And instead of arguing over the matter, you two can work on your relationship to strengthen it further. Furthermore, you can apologise with a flower box made of white Tulips as they are a symbol of forgiveness and love. Similarly, you can also order other So, order thoughtful gifts online and bring a smile on her face!

Treat Her

A famous quote states, “Food is the ingredient that binds us together.” About girls it is said, they tend to feel less furious when their tummy is full. After all, food is comforting. Treating your girlfriend with her favorite food is the best way to diffuse her anger. You can also order online a yummy cake for her. A bite of her favorite cake will tantalize her taste buds and make her anger go away.

Be Humorous

A good laugh is the best cure for anything. With a few funny lines and hilarious jokes, you can charm your girlfriend and make her forget the anger or stress she’s feeling at that moment. And if you are good with words, then you can try and write a song/poetry for her. She would truly appreciate the efforts and that would compensate for your mistake that made her angry in the first place. Also, you can sing a little song as an early Valentines Day gift to make her feel treasured.

Reaching out to your girlfriend is the first important step you need to take when she’s mad at you. Rest everything will fall at the place with a little love, care, and effort.

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