Ideas for Kid’s Birthday Theme Party

Looking at a kid makes the grown up adults smile. Why? A child’s smile or laughter is the most beautiful sound in the world and they know to laugh without any reason. Their smile is a stress-free one because they are not afraid of any kind of loss perhaps. And maybe that’s why we adults are always on a look out to make these cute kids excite even more. So, if you have to organize a birthday party for these kids, you may have a look at some of these ideas narrated below.

Pete the Cat:

If your kid loves reading this super adorable and funky series named Pete the Cate by Eric Litwin, you can plan a birthday party theme around it. You have to bring in all the sizzling Pete’s cool and jazzy style and let the kids have fun. Bring in cookies with this blue feline image on them or get a cake that is designed like Pete the cat. You may bring in cupcakes that have a garnishing of the groovy buttons of Pete the cat to add more fun.


Shopkins are quite famous among the wonder kids and bringing them into a birthday party would be quite a memorable thing for them. Shopkins are all about food and desserts and thus jars of jams, Nutella, peanut butter, fudge, ice cream cones, popsicles, etc. would be plenty in the party. You can make it a whole dessert party to remain true to the Shopkins theme. Bring in cakes, cupcakes, jakes, lollipops, sweets, etc. and decorate your party. Keep pink as the basic color of decoration for this party. Use pink table cloth, curtains, or balloons, etc.

Disney’s Moana:

Moana has got 7.4 rating in IMDB and earned more than 640 million USD last year. So, needless to say, that it has been loved by one and all. It is thus expected to see this theme come alive in kid’s birthday circuits. Become the first parent to host a birthday party where Moana is the ruling theme. The tropical flavor and floral settings have to be created and for that, a big lawn would be a good place to organize the party. Lay a long table in your garden and get flower shaped plates to serve the food. Crab shaped croissants or the floral shaped cookies would be a lovely addition to this party. Make some floral tiara to greet each and every invitee.

Barbie Party:

Barbie is the world’s most famous doll and she has a sense of fashion and style. She is confident and courageous at the same time. Small girls love Barbie in every possible get up. Bring in a large Barbie cake and gift your princess a Barbie dress. Place cut outs of Barbie in various avatars and make your party livelier.

Harry Potter:

The world of magic is an inexplicable one. The whole world went crazy with this wonder boy named Harry Potter and his magical skills. The movie and the book both sold like hot cakes. Pick up your favorite things from this epic tale and decorate your party. The broom, spectacles, magic wand, owl, wizard hat, etc. are the shapes that can be sued to make the cake, cookies, chocolates, and sweets.

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