Make Your Celebrations Sweeter with These Customised Cakes in Dubai

Cakes and celebrations go hand-in-hand. They complement each other and let people make the most of their special days. The cake is like the soul of celebrations that makes them special and unforgettable. And when the cake is customised, it doubles up the excitement. A customised cake is a type of cake with a particular design and message according to the choice of the buyer. The attention to detail in a customised cake makes it a little bit extra from the traditional cake. The customised cakes help you win the heart of your loved ones instantly and show how well you know them. Further, in the blog, we’ll talk about some delicious customised cakes that you can order in Dubai and enhance the sweetness of your celebrations.

Tiered Cake

Tiered cakes are comprised of two, three, four or more layers based on the requirement of the buyer. The tiered cakes customised with elegant designs and patterns look nothing short of magnificent. The binge-worthy tiered cakes come in all sorts of flavours and make perfect wedding cakes to treat a large number of people and add a new edge to the wedding memories.

Cartoon Cake

It is not a surprise that kids simply adore cartoon cakes. And their life becomes a big, fun party when you surprise them with their favourite cartoon character themed birthday cake. Oh, the look on their face is simply amazing. You can either customise the cake with the picture of the cartoon character or get it made in the shape of the cartoon character of your choice.

Heart-shaped Cake

The heart-shaped cakes make the perfect occasion cakes for Valentine’s Day and anniversary. You can choose any flavour and get it customised in heart shape design to win over your sweetheart. The gorgeous and rich in taste heart-shaped cakes are sure to take your romantic celebrations a notch higher.

Barbie Cake

The little girls are obsessed with beautiful Barbie dolls. No matter how old they grow, their fascination for Barbie never seems to die down. It would be amazing to surprise your little daughter or sister with a gorgeous and equally delicious Barbie cake on her birthday. A cake customised in the shape of a Barbie doll designed with beautiful colors will leave the little girl spellbound and add to the gleam of the birthday party.

Photo Cake

Customising the cake with a picture of the celebrating person enables you to convey your love, warmth, and best wishes directly without saying anything. Decorated with a personal touch, the aesthetically-pleasing and equally tempting photo cake will leave an everlasting impression in your loved one’s heart. You can place the order for a photo cake on an online cake shop in Dubai and get it delivered to your desired destination with the hassle-free delivery service.

Mono Cake

The sweet and small gatherings that involve only near and dear ones call for mono cakes. You can choose any flavour and customise the mono cakes in attractive designs to have something sweet on the weekend or during the get together with old school and college friends. They are like the sweet little tokens of happiness that are simply to die for.


Cupcakes are the sweet little treats straight out of heaven. They look as splendid as they taste. Made in a variety of flavours with icing on the top, cupcakes can be customised with pictures, letters, quotes, and sprinkles. They are excellent to sweeten up your little celebrations, such as the weekend party, kitty party, birthday or anniversary.

These customised cakes are literally a sight to sore eyes. If you are looking for the best cakes in Dubai to make your celebrations memorable, you can opt for the type of customised cakes described in this blog.

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