The Right Way of Receiving a Gift!

‘Finally, the day is here! You’re waiting for that special receiver to unwrap the effort you’ve put in choosing that gift. And as you hand it down, the receiver takes an awkward look at it, puzzled about how to react?’

Isn’t that annoying when you’ve put in days to choose the gift for someone, and you don’t get the deserved appreciation in return? Yes, that’s what happens when you don’t know about gift-receiving etiquettes.

Like the gift-giving etiquettes, there are specific rules or expectations that one should know about receiving a gift. We often tumble down into an awkward situation when we receive a gift, making it disheartening for the sender. 

But then, what is the right way of receiving a gift?

Gift giving is a pleasurable experience for both the sender and receiver. While it takes a few trips down the online gift stores, constant brainstorming, and a big heart to give a thoughtful present to someone you love, getting a little appreciation for it is satisfying. There are certain things to keep in mind while receiving a gift from anyone. Let’s jump right in. 

  • Accept the Gift

Accept the Gift

There’s a thin line of difference between receiving a gift and accepting one. The person who gives you a gift wants to witness how thrilled you are to receive the present. Whether you like the gift or not, keep in mind the sentiments of the sender and try to accept the gift wholeheartedly.

  • Compliment!


You don’t get to receive a gift every day. So, when you get one, make sure you compliment the sender. Say a sincere thank you and let them know how excited and touched you are. 

  • But Don’t Over-compliment!

But Don't Over-compliment!

Over-appreciating someone is a big NO-NO. We know you’re excited and glad about the present, but flattering someone with so many compliments will make it look fake. Keep your compliment game natural and subtle.

  • Be Grateful, Genuinely! (we mean it)

Be Grateful, Genuinely! (we mean it)

Being grateful is not just about showing gratitude towards the sender with honest appreciation. Your actions say a lot more than words. When you receive a gift, make sure you don’t leave it behind somewhere, lose it or forget about it. Keep it respectfully, and be grateful that you’re remembered and valued by people around you.

  • Lastly…

Lastly Thank You

How you receive a gift says a lot about your nature and personality. Some people do face an awkwardness while receiving a gift, but always consider the efforts put in by the sender to get the present. Little appreciation goes a long way!

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Muskan Abbi

Muskan loves cheese and penning down poetry, often in that order. She is an in-house content writer and can be found at work by following the sound of brisk typing.