Traditional Eid Delicacies from Around the World

Every celebration shares one thing in common – the love for food. And when it comes to celebrating Eid, this connection becomes even stronger.

Eid is a festival of joy and wholesome food. As soon as the month of Ramadan comes to an end, the extravagant feast of Eid is the talk of the town. And to gear up the festivity, there’s a platter full of traditional delicacies specially prepared to celebrate Eid across the world. Let’s sink our tongue beyond and explore some of the most delectable traditional Eid delicacies from around the world. 

Pakistani Sheer Khurma

Indulging in the luscious flavours of Sheer Khurma is a must on Eid. Sheer Khurma is a sweet and creamy dessert made up of milk and vermicelli (also known as Seviyan) and topped with roasted dry nuts. It is a famous delicacy that brings people together on Eid and savoured by Muslims across Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. You can find local & cultural versions of Sheer Khurma in the sub-areas. 

  • Malaysian Rendang

Malaysian Rendang

The rich coconut flavour from Malaysia paved down its way to a traditional Eid dish, Rendang, a spicy coconut curry. While the origin of Rendang dates back to Indonesia, this beef/chicken minced coconut curry is widely cooked as a traditional Malaysian Eid food. The love for Rendang is also shared by Singaporeans and Filipinos.

  • South Asian Biryani

South Asian Biryani

Eid and the essence of Biryani go hand in hand. It is impossible to not mention South Asia’s Biryani in the traditional Eid delicacies list. Briyani is a rice dish with a mouthwatering flavour of strong herbs and spices chipped with meat. The aromatic flavours of Biryani have now reached every nook and corner of the world. You can witness dozens of variations in Biryani and the style of serving the dish across different places.

  • Indonesian Lapis Lagit

Indonesian Lapis Lagit

Inspired by the Dutch flavours and cuisine, Lapis Lagit is a form of cake that became the traditional Eid sweet after the Dutch colonisation in Indonesia. Lapis Lagit has different layers made up of broiled batter. It is a delicious dessert prepared by Indonesian families on the last day of Ramadan due to its time-consuming recipe. 

  • Moroccan Laasida & Tagine

Moroccan Chicken Tagine

Popularly known as Moroccan Eid breakfast, Laasida is a light and simple dish that resembles a rice pudding. After offering the Eid prayers, Moroccans start their day with a delicious Laasida made up of couscous, honey, seasoning and butter. Whereas, Tagine is often the last dish on the Moroccan Eid platter. It is made up of chicken, lamb or beef mixed with a crunch of dry fruits.

  • Syrian & Lebanese Maamoul

Syrian & Lebanese Maamoul

The shared love of Syria & Lebanon, Maamoul, is one of the most flavourful Arabic sweets. It is widely given as an Eid gift to near and dear ones. The lip-smacking shortbread cookie has a crackling taste of dry fruits and the essence of the festival. While Syria and Lebanon have their versions of Maamoul, explorers would love soaking in the sweet flavour of both. 

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