The Ultimate Guide to Ordering Character Cakes for Kids’ Birthdays

Indeed each kid is a cute character! For such bundles of joy, the bakeries today are filled with character cakes that you can surprise them with especially on their birthdays. A birthday cake featuring their beloved characters will turn a low-key celebration into an extraordinary one. Take a look at some of the popular character cakes that are filled with sweetness, unique personality and smiles.

Popular Kid-Friendly Character Cakes

Whether your little bundle of joy dreams of living in a magical kingdom or aspires to save the day by being a superhero, there are tons of best birthday cakes that will mirror your child’s fondest dreams.

Lamborghini Cake and Cupcakes: McQueen Cakes
Make them zoom into their birthday party with a cool car cake! Be it a sleek sports car or a speedy race car – choose their favourite model and watch their eyes light up. They would think twice before cutting it!

Unicorn Cakes
Happy Unicorn 3 Layered Cake: Unicorn Cake Dubai
For a magical touch to your child’s birthday, choose the unicorn cake! They would love to watch these enchanting creatures come to life in yummy flavours and creative designs. Turn this birthday cake more magical by adding edible glitter and sparkles.

Princess Cakes
Happy Birthday Princess: Princess Cakes
Figuring out the first birthday cakes for your little princess? Organise a royal celebration with a princess cake. Whether it’s Cinderella’s castle or Elsa’s ice palace, these cakes bring fairy tales to the table. Delight her with a character cake adorned in crowns, tiaras and all things regal.

Fortnite Cakes
Fortnite Gamers Cake: Fortnite Cakes
Bring the virtual world to the party with characters like the iconic Snow Striker or Sun Tan Specialist. Such a birthday cake is sure to be a hit among gaming enthusiasts.

Frozen Cakes
Elsa and Anna Cake: Frozen Birthday Cake
Let every other idea go and celebrate with a frozen-themed cake! Make the whole gang – Elsa, Anna, Olaf and more come to life in a winter wonderland of sugary delight. Such a birthday cake will delight your baby girl(s) the most!

Avengers Cakes
Three Layered Avengers Cake: Avengers Cakes
Unleash superhero power with an Avengers-themed cake! Featuring iconic characters like Iron Man, Captain America and Thor, these cakes bring the action-packed excitement of the Marvel universe to the birthday party.

Minion Cakes
Minion Themed Cake: Minion Birthday Cake
Bring a dose of adorable mischief with a Minion cake (in a banana flavour). These lovable yellow creatures from ‘Despicable Me’ are adored by the kids for their goofy smiles and overall clad charm. In fact, minion cakes are among the delightful designer cakes for kids of all ages!

Tips to Order Character Cakes

Birthday Surprise Cake: Cakes
To make the ordering process smooth and stress-free, consider these helpful tips:

  • Plan Ahead: Place your order well in advance for timely cake delivery on your preferred date and character.
  • Specify Dietary Needs: Clearly communicate/mention any allergies or dietary preferences when placing your order.
  • Personalise with Details: Add special touches such as the child’s name or a personalised message for an extra special touch.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much does a character cake cost?
Parents, character cakes come in different pricing tiers based on the design, detailing and size. The usual range starts from AED 100. It is advised to explore different shops and then give a cake order that fits your budget while still bringing joy to your child’s celebration.

How can we keep the cake fresh until the party?
Great question! To keep the character cake fresh and delightful, store it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Avoid refrigerating fondant-covered cakes, as it may affect the design.

Can the bakery accommodate special requests for the cake design?
Absolutely! Online cake shops like FNP understand that every child is unique and so should be their cake. Thus, they are more than willing to accommodate special requests.

In the world of character cakes, the options are as vast and imaginative as a child’s dreams. Order birthday cake online that are as unique and special as your kiddos are.

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