Most Popular Flowers in Dubai for Gifts and Their Symbolism

Sending a bouquet as a gift is no doubt a cheerful choice. While you surely consider the colour and kind of arrangement, have you ever wondered about the meanings behind the flowers that grace gift bouquets? When gifting flowers in Dubai, is it important to know the feelings they represent. Let’s take a stroll through the city’s top favourite flowers, each carrying its unique charm and significance so that you make an ideal choice.


Astonishing Roses Beauty: Bouquet of Roses
If you talk about ‘What flowers are native to Dubai?’, you will surely come across roses! Known as the universal messenger of love, roses top the list of Dubai’s favourite flowers. The incredibly beautiful red roses symbolise love and passion, yellow roses represent friendship and white roses signify purity and innocence. So, when you gift a bouquet of roses in Dubai, it is equivalent to whispering sweet verses of affection to your special someone.


White Phalaenopsis Orchid Plant: Orchid Flowers
When preparing the most unique and creative flower arrangements in Dubai, florists never miss royal orchids. After all, they stand out for their exotic allure. These flowers are a beautiful representation of love, beauty and strength, making them a splendid choice for expressing admiration and respect on occasions like birthdays and Thanksgiving.

White Lilies

Lilies Happiness Arrangement: Lilies in Dubai
White lilies are highly adored for their simplicity and grace. In Dubai’s vibrant culture, they convey feelings of purity and commitment. Hence, a bouquet featuring these pristine blooms is always a thoughtful gift, perfect for expressing heartfelt emotions on a variety of occasions.

Asiatic Lilies

Beauty Of Dusk
Asiatic lilies are one of the most popular flowers in Dubai that bring a pop of colour to any setting. These cheerful and fragrant flowers symbolise positivity and happiness, making them an ideal choice for celebrating joyous occasions.

Calla Lily

Free Calla Calla Lily photo and picture

Source: Pixabay

When talking about lilies, how can we miss out on calla lilies? With its graceful trumpet-shaped blossom, the flower embodies sophistication in Dubai. Representing purity and faith, a bouquet featuring these blooms makes up for a chic and timeless gift.

Gerbera Daisy

Elegant Pink Gerberas Beautifully Tied Bouquet: Gerberas Bouquet
Gerbera daisies are undeniably one of the best flowers out there and are known for their bright hues and playful charm. A flower bouquet of the same symbolises innocence and purity. Thus, whenever you want to convey joy and celebrate life’s simple pleasures, an arrangement of gerbera daisies is your cue.


Source: Pixabay

Baby’s Breath or Gypsophila adds a touch of delicacy to literally any kind of bouquet in Dubai. Since they shout out the feelings of everlasting love and sincerity, you can gift these flowers in Dubai on occasions like birthdays, weddings and Valentine’s Day.

Tribulus Omanense

All About the National Flower of the UAE: Tribulus Omanense
Native to the region, Tribulus Omanense is the national flower of Dubai that holds high cultural regard. Its vibrant yellow petals symbolise endurance and resilience, making it a meaningful gift for those facing challenges.

Desert Flower

Free Flower Life photo and picture

Source: Pixabay

The Desert Flower is all about strength and adaptation as it thrives even in the arid landscape. So, when you gift a desert flower, it will extend the spirit of resilience and the recipient’s ability to bloom even in challenging conditions.

So, the next time you pick a bouquet for your loved ones, remember the language these flowers in Dubai speak and choose wisely!

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