7 Funny Ideas To Celebrate Halloween With Your Children

Halloween is popular for more than one reason. Yes, the word itself sounds spooky but there is a fun side to it as well. Especially for kids, who eagerly await this day all year round. What excites them the most is – going door to door trick-or-treating for candy, scary Halloween gifts and wearing spooky costumes. Use this Halloween as an opportunity to engage in some creative activities with your kids so that they don’t miss out on any fun. And not to forget all the sweet memories you’ll get to make with your little munchkins.

Read further to unveil our list of funny ideas to celebrate Halloween with children.

Enjoy Pumpkin Carving

Kids always love to indulge in activities that give them a chance to be creative and a little messy. Though Halloween pumpkin carving is fun for people of all age groups, kids enjoy them the most. Carving spooky yet funny faces on pumpkins will let their creative juice flowing and lift their spirits.

Make Halloween Treats

Candy and sweet treats are the best parts of Halloween that kids love the most. Another thing that kids like to do is getting messy in the kitchen. Let your kids prepare sweet treats with you this Halloween. It would be really fun for them and allow them to learn a thing or two about baking and cooking. You can look for a variety of Halloween cakes or dessert recipes online and enjoy baking them with your little ones.

Play Dress Up

Who said you can only dress up when you have to show up to some special event? Halloween is the perfect day to have some spooky fun with your little ones dressed up in scary yet funny costumes. You can look for Halloween costume ideas online and get everyone in the family dressed for it. Yes, even your dog. And then together you all can enjoy some spooky treats to enhance the Halloween feel.

Throw a Halloween Themed Party

Take Halloween celebrations a notch higher by throwing a Halloween themed party for your kids and let them invite their friends over. Make it a compulsion for all the kids to be in Halloween costumes. The Halloween decorations, homemade treats, and lots of entertainment will make the party a huge hit among your little guests. You can also try and make little Halloween themed accessories for kids, like Halloween hats, headpieces, masks, etc. and arrange for party games like scrabble or ludo.

Spooky Story Telling

Add a twist to regular storytelling and turn it into spooky storytelling during Halloween. Choose a spooky story to narrate that has witches and monsters. Dim the lights in kid’s room to set the mood for the spooky story recitation session. Try making creepy voices in between to add the effect. Try to keep your tone funny while reciting the story because it should be a fun activity not at all meant to scare the kids.

Visit a Halloween Festival

Visiting a Halloween festival with kids is the best way to let them have some fun and participate in various events. This year, Festival City Mall in Dubai is hosting Halloween Festival on 30th October from 5 to 8 pm. Take along your kids for some wicked good time. Yes, there will be candies and other surprises too. Also, the first 100 children will receive a Festival City Kids Club Bag.

Go for a Zombie Walk

Several cities across the world hold zombie walk during Halloween. The interested people participating in zombie walk are supposed to be dressed up as zombies with spooky Halloween makeup on. It is a great opportunity to let your kids walk through city streets and malls dressed as zombies in their spookiest costumes. They’ll have loads of fun while wandering through the streets on Halloween with other kids of their age.

We hope these ideas let you enjoy Halloween with your kids the most.
You can also send spooky and scary Halloween wishes to your loved ones.

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