Top 7 Fun & Entertaining Baby Shower Game Ideas

When planning a baby shower for your expecting friend or sister, make sure you don’t miss the fun part- the games. They are the best ways to make the celebration fun and keep the guests engaged and entertained. To help you prepare for the party, we are sharing some fun baby shower game ideas here.

  • Onesie Decoration
  • Help the mom-to-be decorate onesies for the new baby with a pretty design or fun message. Buy a bunch of white baby onesies and washer-safe markers for drawing on clothes. Give one onesie to each guest and let them design the clothing item the way they want.

  • Guess the Smell
  • This one is a classic baby shower game idea. You need some diapers and different kinds of chocolate candy bars to play this game. Smear each candy bar into a different diaper and have guests take turns smelling to guess which type of candy bar was used. The guest with the maximum correct guesses wins.

  • Playdough Babies
  • In this game, you need to give each guest a piece of playdough to mould into the shape of a baby. Make the game even more competitive by setting a time limit. There should be prizes for the cutest and funniest play dough baby.

  • Who’s the Celebrity Kid?
  • Find pictures of some celebrities’ babies, number them, and paste them on a poster board. Looking at the poster board, each guest has to try and guess the names of the kids. Give a pen and paper to each guest. Whoever gets the most correct names wins.

  • Name that Nursery Rhyme
  • It is one of the popular and fun baby shower games. Give each of your guests a card with popular nursery rhymes written on them with a few words missing. Have them fill the blank spaces to test their nursery rhyme skills. Compare the results at the end and see who got the most right answers.

  • Things I Love about the Mom-to-be
  • The time right after the birth of the baby can be quite tough for the new mom. A piece of valuable advice or a simple love note to tell her how much you love her is a great way to comfort her during the first few days after the birth of the baby. Hand each guest a printable fill in the blank card and let them write a little wish or advice for the new parents. The host can collect all the cards and mail them to the new parents after the baby has arrived.

  • ‘Baby’ Songs
  • Divide your guests into teams of three to four people. Give each team 3-4 minutes to list as many songs as they can think of with the word ‘baby’ in the title. There are hundreds of songs out there with the word ‘baby’ in it. The team with the most songs written down at the end wins. It is an entertaining game to keep the crowd engaged.

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