Tricks Every Woman Should Know About Applying Perfumes

Perfume follows you wherever you go and lingers behind you. Scents create an everlasting memory, and they pervade. From the floral ones to the fresh ones, perfumes leave a long-lasting and a magical impression. Splurge on the right one and make people go gaga about the fragrance you are wearing. Know about the correct way of applying it and make it long-lasting. Perfumes last for long, to stay, and they never ditch you. We have created a treasure trove of tricks every woman should know about applying perfumes, that’ll make you a pro and a perfume goddess!

  • The Long-Lasting Secret

The perfect perfume for women does exist, and to make it last longer on your skin, you need the secret trick. Apply an unscented lotion and then spray the perfume as the lotion captivates the fragrance and increases its stay on the skin! You can even apply vaseline where you want to spray the perfume.

  • Store the Perfume at the Right Place

Always keep the perfumes in a dry place and avoid keeping it in damp areas like a bathroom. Keep it in your cupboards and try to save it from direct sunlight.

  • Ideal Time for Applying

The moisture on our skin locks the fragrance of the perfume. Spray the perfume on yourself as soon as you have taken a bath. After a shower, our skin is moist, and it will lock the fragrance on it and make the perfume last longer.

  • Say No to Rubbing

A common mistake that all of us make is rubbing our wrists after spraying the perfume. Avoid rubbing and spray the perfume, and let your skin absorb it naturally.

  • Know-How to Select the Best Fragrance

Walk into any store in search of perfume for women, and you will find many fragrances. To pick the ones which suit you, spray a little on your skin and let it dry. Let your skin absorb it and then smell it for deciding on the perfect perfume.

  • Make your Clothes and Hair Smell Amazing

Spraying perfume directly on the hair will make them dry. Perfumes sometimes leave a mark on clothes. Are you wondering what the right way is? For your hair, spray a little perfume on your hairbrush and then comb your hair. For clothes, start keeping butter paper inside your clothes. Apply the perfume on the butter paper to make your clothes feel fresh!

  • Create your Signature Fragrance

No, we are not asking you to spend thousands or to visit a perfume factory. Pick the fragrances that you like the most, and do select a few strong and lighter ones. Apply the stronger one first and mix the lighter ones with it to create your kinda perfume.

Unravel the tricks every woman should know about applying perfumes through our list and make the most of your expensive perfumes from UAE. Follow the above tricks and show off your knowledge about perfumes. A woman that smells good has a lot of confidence and rules the world with all the sass and glam!

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