Which Colour Tulip Are You?

Which Color Tulip Are You?

An epitome of simplicity and freshness, Tulips are often found gracing the bouquets and bunches elegantly. Gorgeous and bright colours along with unique shape, makes tulips a popular pick for wedding bouquets, gifting and daily flowers decor. But, the choice of tulip colour says a lot about the personality of human beings. Yes, there are different types of tulip people based on their choice of colours. Read more about tulip people by colours and find out which colour tulip you are.

Pure White

White Tulips

White tulips are a symbol of faith, purity and peace. If you have someone around who is reliable, sincere and innocent just like a white tulip, then you’re lucky enough. White tulip people will stand by you in tough times. A bunch of white tulips also evokes respect towards someone. Other than this, if you’re searching for sorry flowers, then white tulips can be your pick.

Charming Pink

Pink Tulips

Do you like taking care of people like a mom and tend to give solutions to all their problems? If yes, then you’re a pink tulip. Pink tulip people are affectionate and brutally honest in their judgement. People admire them for all that they do and feel good hanging out with them.

Sunny Yellow

Yellow Tulips

Yellow tulips are often given to represent brightness and beautiful smiles. So, if you know of someone who is as chirpy as a bird and always fresh like a morning breeze, then they’re yellow tulip people. Other than this, positivity and enthusiasm are also often associated with the sunny tulips.

Royal Purple

Purple Tulips

Back in the 1500s, purple was the colour for the royals and purple tulips became a symbol of wealth and royalty. Talking about the characteristics, if elegance and class are the two most relatable concepts to you, then you’re no less than a purple tulip. Purple tulip people are never afraid to start over again and overcome challenges with smartness and style.

Passionate & Bold Red

Red Tulips

Red is usually associated with passionate love. And the latter stands similar with red tulips too. It is presented to the one who goes head over heel in terms of romance and loves everything mushy and old school. Red tulips are also a symbol of free expressions. If you’re bold in decision making and express your emotions freely, then you must be a red tulip.

By now, you must have figured out which colour tulip you are according to your personality. Tell us more about your tulip flower in the comments section below.

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