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  1. Why should I search for a role model when the greatest woman is my mother. Happy Women’s Day!

  2. To the woman who is not just an architect of society but of my life, have a wonderful Women's Day.

  3. To the most fearless woman I have ever seen, you are an inspiration. Happy Women’s Day, mother!

  4. Dear mom, you are my real-life Wonder Woman. May you continue to encourage others to be as kind and strong as you.

  5. You have proven to be a woman who breaks free of all limitations to achieve her goals. Happy Women’s Day!

  6. Mom, you are a woman who wears multiple hats within a day with great ease and immense grace. Happy Women’s Day!

  7. When I look at you and see how far you have come in life, I get teary-eyed with pride. Happy Women’s Day, mom!

  8. I aspire to be like you, strong, determined and unaffected by other’s perceptions. You are my role model, mom.

  9. No amount of words can do enough justice to describe the kind of woman you are. You are a one in a million!

  10. This Women’s Day, I thank you for teaching me the importance of being true to myself.