Celebrating Kiss Day in the most Unique Way

Hug Day, Rose Day, Teddy Day, Chocolate Day etc. can be celebrated with friends, family members as well as your spouse or your soul mate. However, kiss day is a day which you can celebrate only with your beloved. A kiss is a very intimate moment and you can only share it with your companion for life.

Given below is a list of the different types of kisses that can make your Kiss Day a memorable one:

  • Ice Kiss: This is a type of kiss where you put ice in between your lips and keep kissing your partner till the ice melts. Continue doing this till the ice melts completely and both of you start having goose bumps (pleasurably of course!)
  • Lip Trace Kiss: This is considered to be one of the most passionate kissing styles. You may wake up your partner with a lip trace kiss. Here you simply have to trace your partner's lips using your tongue while kissing in between. This kiss can kick start your day in style.
  • American Kiss: This type of kiss is very similar to French kissing but here you do not make use of your tongue.
  • Nibble Kiss: This type of a kiss is perfect if you want it to be sweet and sexy at the same time. Here you simply need to go close to your partner and bite his or her lower lip. But when doing so it is important to ensure that you are not too harsh. This kiss will surely make him/her crave for more!
  • Lizzy Kiss: If you have seen a lizard taking out its tongue then you will be able to understand this kiss better. Here the kissing happens between the two partners without making use of lips. You only use your tongue for kissing. Take this as something exotic that is worthy trying if you're both adventurous by nature!
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