Home Decor Ideas for Christmas

To most of the people out there, Christmas is the harbinger of festivity and decorating house is the most important part of the celebration. However, we often struggle to come up with new ideas each year to revamp our sweet home. A traditional Christmas tree at the corner of our living room and yellow bulbs hanging from the roof is not enough to stand out from the rest. A touch of your own thought and innovation in the decoration of the house will surely turn the head of your neighbors.

Owing to the huge expenditure during the month of Christmas many of us have to compromise with our budget of home decoration. Because probably we have never thought that the simplest, cheapest and the most ignored objects of our household can add a dash of glamour to our monotonous Christmas home decor items.

Here are a handful easy-breezy tips which you may use this Christmas to decor your house without digging a hole in your pocket.

New Shine In Old Bottle

  • Search the possible corners of your house. Some abandoned wine bottle has to be there. Now all you have to do is to follow the steps below
  • Wash the bottles and dry them well
  • If the bottles are made transparent glass colour them inside out using glass paint. It can be any colour of your choice. Wait till the colour dries.
  • Put some tiny lithium neon bulb inside the bottle and voilà!!! You have made your own magic lamp.
  • You may use bottles of different shapes and patterns.

    Sticks and Ribbons

  • Tried for hanging golden bells and glitter balls on your Christmas tree branch? Looking for something new? Then nothing can get easier than this.
  • Round up some sticks of same size (minimum 14 - 15 cm)
  • Arrange for some festively coloured ribbons.
  • Tie them up around stick neatly. And see the difference once you use them to decor your Christmas tree.
  • You can always use your own creativity while tying up the ribbons around the sticks

    Scrabble It Up

    Has your scrabble board started gathering dust on it? Then it is time for you to give it a break from playing its usual role.

  • Arrange the tiles to make parts and fragments of a complete sentence.
  • Using glue make the tiles stick to each other.
  • Use some artificial snow flake at the side of the block
  • Hang it at the doorway to welcome your guest and make them adore your handwork.
  • You can form any sentence of your choice. Use a felt pen for some added creativity.

    These were few Christmas home decor ideas that will Wow your neighbour and can put you and your home into perfect holiday spirit. Apart from the usual gifts like Christmas cakes, Christmas dry-fruits hampers, or any other Christams gifts, go for Christmas Home-decors itmes to gift for your loved ones this time.