Unique Gift Ideas for Your Someone Special on Rose Day

Rose Day is meant to be celebrated with loved ones by gifting them roses. You must refer to the guidelines of rose colors before selecting a rose for someone. For example, yellow should be picked up for friends and pink for parents and teachers. Don’t mix up while buying roses because each and every color has a significance.

But apart from the bunches, bouquets, box/vase/basket arrangement of roses, here are some unique gift ideas for Rose Day.

Rose Made of Gold

To show that your love is true and eternal, a rose made of gold can be a wonderful gift idea. This rose won’t wither away with time but would remain rock solid gracing your life. Gold is also a precious metal and thus a rose made of gold would be a kind of asset too!

Rose Shaped Chocolates

It would be really great when the most beautiful flower of the world is combined with the most edible thing on this earth. A rose-shaped chocolate would be available in your nearby stores and would be well-appreciated by your love interest.

Rose Flower Paper Soap

Paper soaps that resemble rose flower of various colors or one single color would be another great gift idea to celebrate Rose Day.

Rose Essential Oil

Rose essential oil can help in reducing rosacea, eliminating depression or stress, balancing hormones, and improving acne. Thus, be different and along with a bunch of roses, get a bottle of rose essential oil for your darling.

Single Red Rose In Gift Box

"Simply, I Love You" or "You are unique and the only special one" – are the meaning of a long single stalk of red rose. Packed in a classy and sophisticated gift box, it would depict the message of love to that "Special Someone" beautifully.

Rose Special Spa Kit

The empresses, queens, or princesses of yesteryears used to take a bath in rose water or water where rose petals are spread. Rose has antibacterial, antifungal, and antivirus properties and thus it heals from within. You can get a rose spa kit for your sweetheart this Rose Day!

Rose Tea

In case you want to walk a different route while expressing your love on Rose Day, then you can buy a pack of rose tea. Rose Tea is believed to improve digestion, remove toxins from the body, and also aid in weight loss.

Heart-Shaped Arrangement of Red Roses

They say that love originates and resides in the heart. So, let your heart-warming feelings of love and romance be expressed with a beautiful heart-shaped arrangement of red roses. Red roses stand for pure love, romance, and passion and with this beautiful gift, that special someone should be surely impressed.