About Rose Day

The Valentine Week begins with Rose Day that is celebrated every year on 7th February. Love is celebrated magnanimously all through Valentine’s Week but it starts with Rose Day. Since times immemorial, roses remained as a message of love. The expression of love gets truer than true when done with roses. A whole day is dedicated to all the vibrant roses that speak of all layers of love, appreciation, respect, and gratitude.

The cultivation of roses started some 5000 years ago in China. But no one actually knows the actual time and year since when the rose day was adopted as a part of Valentine Week celebration. Perhaps, these roses are the most popular and readily available gift options so an entire day is dedicated to them during the Valentine’s Day. A popular story says that the letters of “ROSE” are same as the Greek God of Love “Eros”. A rose is the most popular gift of love, so, a Rose Day is celebrated.


Know The Meaning & Significance of Various Colors of Roses

But one must be careful while selecting the roses to express their love because each color of rose has a different meaning to it.

Red Roses

Red Roses for Rose Day

Red is the color of love, romance, passion, zeal, and intensity. The secret message of this flower is “I Love You” – as simple as that. Red roses symbolize passionate affection. When someone wants to express the feelings of love for the first time, a red rose is generally gifted. Also to rekindle the romance, red roses are gifted. Red roses also stand for desire, passion, courage, and beauty.

Yellow Roses

Red Roses for Rose Day

Yellow is the color that depicts warm feelings of friendship and optimism. In some parts of the world, it is also considered a symbol of joy, power, and wisdom. This radiant bright yellow rose is generally gifted to best friends or new friends. It is also given to depressed or sad souls who need to cheer up.

Dark Pink Roses

Red Roses for Rose Day

Dark pink roses stand for gratitude and appreciation. The bunch, bouquet, or arrangement of dark pink roses are given to thank people.

Light Pink Roses

Red Roses for Rose Day

Light pink roses convey admiration and gentleness. As a gentle greeting on Rose Day for anyone, thus, you can pick up these light pink roses.

Orange Roses

Red Roses for Rose Day

Desire, Enthusiasm, and Passion are the keywords behind orange roses. Orange is actually the mix of yellow and red color. So, these orange roses refer to the bridge between romantic love and friendship. One can signal about his/her changing feelings towards a friend. Another secret message of this orange rose is “I am proud of you”.