How is Daughters Day Celebrated?

From every ministry in India, this day is promoted with great enthusiasm. Some state government launches new programs to help eradicate narrow-mindedness regarding a girl child. Some state government also announces some rewards for the women achievers. All the rich and influential people propagate the agenda of “not killing girl child”, “eradicate female feticide”, and “educate the girl child” in all their speeches or social media handles. When the rich and influential people speak something, it creates an impact on people surely. And a sensitive subject like “importance of Daughters Day in the current scenario of the country” requires much discussion and effective measures.

The underlying fact is “awakening of the mass” towards the importance of celebration of Daughters Day. And to engage more and more people, social media is a great platform. Each and every one can take their small steps to spread the wise ideas of Daughters Day Celebration.

As there is no tradition of celebrating Daughters Day in a specific way, here are some tips on how you can celebrate this day.

  • A theme like Daughters Day needs to be celebrated with great excitement in all corners of the country. Sending them cute gifts that speak of love would be a great idea undoubtedly. In terms of gifts, you can look out for the classic gift options like a flower bouquet, delicious cake, or chocolates.
  • The most special kind of Daughters Day gift would be to fulfill their wishes. If your daughter has demanded something from you in the recent past, then simply fulfill that wish. That can be anything from joining a pottery class, learning a foreign language, or a trip to some exotic location!
  • A personalized trophy or a certificate or frame saying “World’s Best Daughter” would be another terrific idea to make your daughter feel special.
  • Plants signify growth and development and as you want your daughters to grow and develop, a plant gift would be a perfect gift idea to celebrate this day.
  • If you want your daughters to take part in the rat race outside the house, then they have to be prepared mentally and physically. Consumption of dry fruits like almonds, cashew nuts, raisins, walnuts, and pistachios provide the body with great mental and physical stamina. Thus, a basket or tray of dry fruits would be a thoughtful gift idea this Daughters Day.

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