How is Teachers Day Celebrated

Teachers form the most important part of our lives after our parents. In our part of the country, we celebrate Teacher's Day quite lavishly in schools, colleges, and universities. A teacher's job is the noblest and selfless one. He invests his life in grooming and developing young minds. You can apply the following ways to celebrate this important day on 5th October which are mostly done in these educational institutions.

In schools and colleges, entertaining functions or events are organized. Plays and dramas based on someone's work are done. Those good at singing and dancing show their skills. Students often feel exhilarated to celebrate this day and their presentation is a surprise for the teachers.

Some students prefer to invite their teachers for a formal lunch or dinner at home. The favorite dishes of the teacher is cooked or ordered from outside.

Some college students gather in group and take their teachers out for a lovely lunch or dinner.

Teachers are of many types. Some would strictly say to refrain from cinema while some would motivate you to watch one film every week to learn new things and open the windows of the mind. For those path-breaking teachers, students are seen enjoying a movie on teacher's day.

In college or universities, a picnic is also arranged sometimes to some nearby place of interest. On this day students also show their love & respect for their teachers with beautiful flower bouquets and lovely Teachers Day gifts.

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