About Kiss Day

The sixth day of Valentine Week is called Kiss Day. It is celebrated on 13th February every year. Kiss is the most natural and normal way of expressing love and romance along with special gifts. Thus, a whole day is dedicated to it and people get gifts for their loved ones on this day along with a loving and caring kiss. On the occasion of Kiss Day, know the meaning behind different types of kisses.

Different Types of Kisses & Their Meanings

A kiss can be planted on any part of the body and these various kisses on various parts of the body refer to some deep meanings. Check them here:

Kiss on Forehead

This is the sweetest of all kinds of kisses for sure. Because it connotes trust and comfort. When you brush your lips on someone’s forehead, that person tends to believe you more. It is a way of showing affection to the other person and your caring side also comes out. This kind of kiss is always soothing – be it your new relationship or ten years old. In case you are trying to take your friendship to the next level, you may try this one.

Kiss on Cheek

This is a closed mouth kiss on someone's cheeks. A friend or lover or parent, in fact, anyone can plant this kiss on anyone because it is a very gentle way of greeting people. It also shows affectionate sign of friendship.

Kiss on Nose

This kind of kiss signifies that you are very fond of your partner. You simply cannot get over your partner or better half. Your passionate feelings also speak through this kind of kiss.

Kiss on Hands

A kiss on hand is quite chivalrous and it means that one admires and appreciates you. A person's hand is held with a soft grip of fingers and the back of the palm is kissed.

Kiss on Ear

A kiss on earlobe suggests that the person truly loves his/her partner.

Kiss on Shoulder

This one suggests pure affection towards someone.

Eskimo Kiss

Well, the name is quite funny and interesting. As per Wikipedia, "when early explorers of the Arctic first witnessed Inuit nose rubbing as a greeting behavior, they dubbed it Eskimo kissing. The Eskimo kiss was used as an intimate greeting by the Inuit who, when they meet outside, often have little except their nose and eyes exposed.” It is an innocent way of expressing love and fondness among friends or lovers and also between parents and children.

Peck Kiss

A short and tight-lipped kiss on the lips or cheeks is known as a peck. It is often exchanged between friends.

French Kiss

The French Kiss is an art and it is all about a tongue play. They say you cannot master the art until you can speak the language just like a French because that proficiency gives your tongue the required bend. Passion, romance, and desire are the keywords of this type of kiss.

Leave A Mark Kiss

It is just a playful kind of kiss when the girlfriend leaves the mark of lipstick on cheeks, lips, forehead, neck, etc.

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