6 Meaningful Friendship Day Gift Ideas for a Friend Living Abroad

As if long-distance relationships were not enough, we have to manage long-distance friendships too (sighs)! Living far away from your friend can be sad and distressing. But let’s face it – Life happens and doesn’t always go as planned. However, they are still your friend! Besides, we are grateful enough to live in tech-savvy times where we can stay connected to our friends no matter how much the distance is. And since true friends are rare to find, they should be celebrated every now and then, especially on Friendship Day. Make the distance a little shorter with these long-distance Friendship Day gift ideas.

Long Distance Friendship Lamp Set

Friendship Day Gift Ideas - Lamp Set

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Do you love to ping your friend every now and then but can’t due to their busy schedule or time difference? Well, these special lamps will let your bestie know that you are thinking about her or vice-versa. Just keep one for yourself and give the other one to your friend. Connect it over a Wi-Fi network and wherever you think of your friend, just tap your lamp and the other will light up. Isn’t it among the cutest Friendship Day gift ideas?

Open When Notecards and Envelopes

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Open when notecards and envelopes are something they will absolutely love! They make ideal personalised gifts that are perfect for long-distance friendship. This is a perfect gift to stay connected and lessen the distance. Besides, it will feel as affectionate as a warm hug even from a distance. Go for Open When ideas such as ‘Open When’ you are sad, you are excited, you are stressed, you miss me, need some cheer, feel like giving up or you are celebrating.

Photo Collage

Friendship Day Gift Ideas - Photo Collage

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Photo collages are the best ways to make your presence felt strongly. Cherish all your favourite memories together with an endearing handmade photo collage that will make your friend smile, laugh, cry and reminisce about the days. To turn the gift more thoughtful and memorable, add a heartfelt message too.

Long Distance Gift Box

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The gift is quite thoughtful, and personal and will reflect that not only have you have put time and efforts into it but the lengths you are willing to go to for your friendship. You can add anything you want – grooming products, sweet treats, dry fruits & nuts or care products. Trust us – the gift will shout your love and care towards them out loud.

Friendship Bracelets

Friendship Day Gift Ideas - Digi Bracelets

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Let’s face it – Friendship Day celebration is incomplete without exchanging Friendship Day bands. Though you can go for the regular bands, today we have distance friendship bracelets that will make you feel connected, despite the distance. There are Digi-bracelets that will vibrate and light up to let them know that you are missing them – no matter where you are on the Earth.


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Life actually succs when you cannot meet your BFF(s) the way you used to. Show you are thinking of them forever with trendy and exotic houseplants. The plant will give them a forever green company and remind them of you. Go for low-maintenance indoor plants such as Money plants, Peace Lily, Snake Plant or Lucky Bamboo and express your love towards them from afar.

Well, that concludes our list of long-distance Friendship Day gift ideas for your best friend. Are you and your BFF soulmates for real? If yes, then these thoughtful tokens of love will bridge the distance between you two and make your BFF feel like you are with them IRL.

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