10 Signs That Your Mom Is Actually Your Best Friend

Your mom is the only person who has been there with you since birth. From the times when things get rough to daily life celebrations, you always have her back. But is your mom your best friend? Check out these interesting signs that will help you determine if your mom is actually your best friend. 

  • You can call your mom any time of the day, without any hesitation.

call your mom any time of the day

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Whether it’s day or night, your mom is just a call away to listen to all the gossip, problems, and secrets. She always answers you with the same level of enthusiasm at any hour.

  • She is your go-to person for all your worries!

go-to person for all your worries

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From mom talks to secrets, your mom is probably the only person that comes to your mind when you are in a problem. And ta-da, she always has a solution.

  • You tell all your secrets to her without the fear of being judged.

You tell all your secrets to her without the fear

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Your mom knows you in and out, and thus, there’s no fear of judgement. You talk to her about all your secrets and spend the low days with her. 

  • You don’t need words to communicate, it’s just expressions.

don't need words to communicate

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Communicating with expressions is a different level of connection. You and your mom understand the rolling eyes look and other actions without saying. 

  • She is your favourite cheerleader on the planet.

Mom the favourite cheerleader on the planet

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No matter what the situation is, your mom is your permanent cheerleader who motivates you and brings a smile to your face.

  • You cannot hold anger and grudges against her for more than a few hours.

You cannot hold anger and grudges against her

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Though you and your mom end up having a lot of fights, you both just cannot control yourselves from talking to each other for more than a few hours.

  • You can complete each other’s dialogues

You can complete each other's dialogues

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You and your mom have some pet dialogues with a specific tone and style, that are constant, no matter what the situation is.

  • You both have *inside jokes*

You both have *inside jokes*

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Remember the time when you both rolled laughing on your inside jokes, and no one could understand? 

  • Mom BFF = More Clothes

Mom BFF = More Clothes

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If you and your mom share clothes, then she is definitely the one! But beware of her brutal feedback on your outfit choices. 

  • You ditch your friends to make plans with her.

ditch your friends to make plans with her

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There have been times when you make random excuses to stay home and spend time with your mom. You end up watching movies, lazing around or going for food and shopping dates. After all, she is your BFF.

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