20 Things To Do With Your Mom On Mother’s Day

If we ever have to describe Mothers in one-word, then it would be ‘amazing.’ After all, with the ease and dedication they handle all the responsibilities single-handedly deserves great respect and appreciation.

Since Mother’s Day is around the corner, you must be looking for great ideas to honor the most important woman in your life. Therefore, we bring to you a long list of fun activities that you can do together with your mom to make this Mother’s Day worth remembering.

Breakfast in Bed


Serve your mom breakfast in bed! You can cook her favorite items like scrambled eggs or vanilla flavored pancakes and serve with fresh fruit juice. Also, keep a sweet little love note in the food tray to tell your mom how much you love her.

Spend Time with Her

Spend an entire day with your mom doing things that you always wanted to do with her but never actually got a chance. A movie marathon, watching old family photos or baking are some of the amazing ideas to spend some leisure time with your mom at home.

Day Off From Household Activities

Give your mom a day off from all the household chores and responsibilities. Cook for her, do the laundry or clean the house while your mom has some fun time with her friends.

Take Her for Shopping

Take your mom for shopping and meanwhile, you can catch up on all gossips you wanted to share with each other for a long time.

Plan a Movie Date

Take your mom on a movie date followed by a dinner at her favorite restaurant. Surprise her by ordering all her favorite cuisines and desserts. And of course, her favorite wine as well!

Book a Spa Session

Book a spa session for two at your nearby salon. Spend some relaxing time with your mom on Mother’s Day while getting relaxing massages, pedicure, and manicure.

Enroll Her for a Hobby Class

If your mom loves dancing or baking and wants to learn more about them, then you can enroll her for professional dancing and baking classes at a reputed institution. It will also make an excellent Mother’s Day gift that your mom will surely love.

Help Her Set Up a Garden

If your mom loves gardening, then you can help her set up a small garden in the house or floral garden in the balcony of your house. It will also make a perfect spot where she can read her favorite books while sipping the hot cup of coffee.

Arrange a photo shoot

How about you get a photo shoot done with your mom on Mother’s Day? The best way to tell your story through pictures.

Pursue Her Hobby for a Day

Pursue your mom’s hobby with her for a day, be it cooking, baking, sewing, fishing or hiking. Doing things together will bring you two closer and strengthen your relationship further.

Gift Her a Cute Necklace

Buy your mom a cute necklace with a heart-shaped pendant with a picture of you two in it. It will always stay close to her heart and keep reminding her of you.

Reasons Why You Love Your Mom

There must be several reasons why you love your mom. Write them down in a scrapbook. Decorate the scrapbook with colored ribbons and your mom’s favorite old pictures. An excellent Mother’s Day gift idea to get your mom teary-eyed.

A Fun Picnic

A Mother’s Day picnic in a quiet corner of the park is a great idea. It will let you spend some fun and relaxed time with your mom while enjoying yummy sandwiches and waffles.

Throw a Surprise Party

Throw your mom a surprise party on Mother’s Day. Invite all her close friends and loved ones to celebrate this special day in a great manner.

Happy Hour At Home

Host a happy hour for your mom at home. Time to show off your bartending skills by making delicious cocktails and mocktails at home. The drinks will get the celebration started on a fun note.

Try Something Adventurous

Does your mom love adventure activities? Then get outside and enjoy the fresh air amidst the beauty of nature while hiking with your mom. Or you two can enjoy other adventure sports as well like paragliding, bungee jumping or river rafting.

Go On A Road Trip

Go on a road trip with your mum. It would be a great way to let your mom get away from the distractions of daily mundane life. Also, during the road trip, you two will get plenty of time to bond and have heart-to-heart conversations.

Wine Tasting

If your mom enjoys a glass of her favorite wine every night, then you can schedule a wine tasting tour for you two to the nearest vineyard. Tasting the best wine with your mom will be a very unique experience worth remembering.

Scavenger Hunt


Set up a Mother’s Day scavenger hunt! Hide several gifts around the house. Then write questions or hints inside cards that led her to the exact location where different gifts for Mother’s Day are hiding. It is quite a fun activity that your mum will love the most.

Visit an Exhibition or Art Gallery

If your mom takes an interest in art, then you can take her to an exhibition or art gallery nearby that she always wanted to explore. Being an art-lover, your mom will totally appreciate the gesture.

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