5 Amazing DIY Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day

With the arrival of Mother’s Day creeps in the anxiety to hunt down the perfect gift for Mom. You want something unique that conveys your eternal love for her in the best manner.

From personalised gifts for Mother’s Day to timeless jewelry, luxurious flower arrangements to spa hampers, the online gift stores are full of exclusive gifts for Mother’s Day. But if you are in search of something unique and meaningful with a character that your mom can keep forever, then DIY gift ideas are absolutely perfect.

Given below are some amazing DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas that come straight from the heart and your mom would love them any day.

Word Art on Canvas

Let’s just accept, the wall art gives character to a room, which also reflects your taste and preference.

You Need: To make a word art on canvas for Mother’s Day, you need an old canvas, white matte paint, flat paintbrush, round-tip fine paintbrush, and gray craft paint.

How to Make: Firstly, paint the entire old canvas with white matte paint using a flat paint brush. Once the paint dries, use gray craft paint to write down the letters or chosen quote using the round-tipped fine paint brush. Then wait for it to dry. Hanging on your mom’s bedroom wall, it will remind her of your love and affection every day.

Glass Bead Sun Catcher

A colored beaded sun catcher is easy to make that your mom will love truly every time the sun shines through it.

You Need: To make a DIY beaded sun catcher, you need silver tree pendant, crystal bead strands, gauge beading wire, crimp beads, and bead stringing wire.

How to Make: Firstly, cut a section of the wire and begin wrapping the wire around the branches and keep doing it until all the branches have been covered. Cut a small section of the bead stringing wire, create a loop at the top and lock it with a crimp bead. Now, add another crimp bead and three extra crystal beads, then thread the wire through a loop and lock the crimp. The beaded sun catcher will look beautiful hanging in a window while the sun shines through it.

Marbled Clay Ring Dish

If your mom struggles to find her rings while getting ready for work or a party, then help her keep them safe and organized in a clay ring dish.

You Need: To make a marbled clay ring dish, you need white, black, and colored oven bake clay, plastic clay knife, a small bowl that is oven safe, gold liquid gilding, small paintbrush, rolling pin, large can, and glaze to seal the dish (optional).

How to Make: Firstly, roll each color of clay into a snake about 5” long. Then combine the smaller rolls into one big role and twist together. Now roll the large twist into a snake about double the original length to combine the colors. Fold the snake into half and twist the two ends together. Repeat the rolling and twisting process 2-3 times. Squash the clay in the shape of the ball. With the help of a rolling pin, roll out the marbled ball. Use a round-shape item about 6 inches wide as an outline and cut out your dish circle with a clay knife. Place the circle carefully in an oven-safe bowl. Bake the bowl according to the temperature mentioned on the clay package. Now, remove the bowl from the oven and allow the clay to cool down. Turn the bowl upside down so that the clay dish falls out. Once the clay cools down completely, use a small paintbrush to paint the edge of the dish and allow the paint to dry. You can also seal the dish with a glaze if you desire to give it a glossy finish.

Soothing Scrub

The sweet-smelling homemade scrubs are best to give your mother a pampering spa treatment at home. A green tea, honey, and sugar scrub will improve the condition of her skin and help the growth of healthy skin cells.

You Need: To make a green tea, honey, and sugar scrub, you need 2 tablespoons of green tea, 2 tablespoons of honey, and 3-5 tablespoons of granulated sugar.

How to Make: Firstly, brew some fresh green tea leaves. Add two tablespoons of tea along with the honey. Now slowly add sugar to it till you get a thick, paste-like consistency and then put it in a small jar. It can be used 2-3 times a week.

Tassel Necklace

A colorful tassel necklace can be paired with various outfits that will help your mum jazz up her style game for special occasions or on an everyday basis.

You Need: For this project, you need embroidery thread, jewelry connectors, gold jump rings, jewelry pliers, and gold necklace chain.

How to Make: Firstly, pick up your favorite shades of embroidery thread to make tassels. Now cut a 6-inch piece of embroidery thread of one color and a second one from a coordinating shade. Tie the first piece of thread around the center of the entire loop of the other coordinating embroidery thread. Fold the embroidery thread in half. Take your second coordinating embroidery thread 6-inch piece and wrap it around the floss about a few inches down from the top and secure it with a knot. Add a jump ring to the top of the tassel through the center of the fold. Now attach the chain to the two clover shaped connectors using jump rings. Add a jump ring to the other end of each clover-shaped connector and then attach each of those jump rings to the main jump ring of the tassel. And your tassel necklace is ready!

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